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The Holy Bingus Empire was a historic nation located in modern-day Flopmany. It existed for more than 1 thousand years, being formed in approximately 978. It's capital was Flopburg throughout it's entire history, however sometimes Floprague would be the capital, mainly under rulers from Bohemia.

The H.B.E was dissolved in 1801 after Flopoleon took power in Flopce. The dissolvement resulted in multiple small kingdoms laying around until the creation of the Flopman Empire in 1890's.

Holy Bingus Empire[]

In 951, the East Flopkish Kingdom fell apart after the split of the Flopkish Kingdom. Multiple stem duchies we're laying around and we're trying to decide what to do. In 978, the stem duchies agreed to unite together again and form the Holy Bingus Empire, despite the name not being accurate.

The Holy Bingus Empire was an empire that lasted from 978 to 1801, spanning through out the border of Western and Eastern europe. Remains of the empire can be found in Flopbia, Sogland, North Flopitaly, ect. It was technically the richest country in Europe, but it was held back by an outdated and inneficient system of government.

Sogga V tried to reform the country in order to compete with Flopoleon's Flopch Empire, but the reforms weren't fully completed by the time of Flopoleon's invasion. In 1801, the empire was dissolved following an invasion by Flopoleon, Sogga V gave up the title of emperor as he did not want Flopoleon to be emperor of both Flopce and the HBE. He remained emperor of Sogstria until his death in 1814 however, in 1815 his son, Sogga VI suceeded Sogga V and continued on the dynasty in Sogstria.


Even though technically a unified state, HBE consisted of many regions, small kingdoms, duchies, and principalities. Most of them have their authority in their own land, but they were still loyal to the Holy Bingus Emperor. Sometimes, the HBE acted more as an alliance between small nations rather than a unified state.

The largest nations inside the HBE were Floprussia and Sogstria, and they were members of the Imperial Elector. Imperial Electors were the nations that could decide the Holy Roman Emperor.

Elector nations[]

  • Empire of Sogstria
  • Kingdom of Floprussia
  • Kingdom of Sogxony
  • Kingdom of Bingvaria
  • Principality of Flopdenburg
  • Grand Palatinate of the Rhine
  • Electorate of Mainz
  • Electorate of Flopogne
  • Electorate of Trier

Member nations[]

  • WIP


Bingus Dynasty[]

Bingus I (1110 - 1130)

Bingus II (1130 - 1150)

Bingus III ( 1150 - 1152, died of assassination)

Bingus IV ( 1152 - 1156, died of natural causes)

Bingus V ( 1156 - 1167 )

Bingus VI ( 1167 - 1183)

Bingus VII ( 1183 - 1201, died, people suspect he died of urinal problems )

Bingus VIII ( 1201 - 1222 )

Bingus IX ( 1222 - 1247 )

Bingus X ( 1247 - 1277 )

Bingus XI ( 1277 - 1347, died of the black plague )

Bingus XII (1347 - 1377)

Bingus XIII ( 1377 - 1401 )

Bingus XIV ( 1401 - 1455 )

Bingus XV ( 1455 - 1478 )

Bingus XVI ( 1478 - 1499, died of gout )

Bingus XVII ( 1499 - 1502, was the last bingus, died of assassination )

Sogga Dynasty[]

Sogga I ( 1502 - 1592 )

Sogga II (1592 - 1666 )

Sogga III ( 1666 - 1701 )

Sogga IV ( 1701 - 1767 )

Sogga V ( 1767 - 1801, continued to be emperor of Sogstria until 1814)

Sogga VI (1814-1815)

Important Emperors[]

Bingus I : Bingus I, the first emperor of the Holy Bingus Empire, who also created the Bingus dynasty. He managed to unite all of the Flopman States through just an agreement between all of them. He grew up in the town of Flopsaw which was the capital of Sogland. He travelled to the city of Flopra which the state of Flopra was named after. Bingus I dreamed of uniting the cluster of states and so he did in 1030 where he united Flopra. He then invaded all of the Flopman States in 1110 and united the Holy Bingus Empire.

Sogga I : one of the important emperors, who also created the Sogga dynasty, was born in 1492, and crowned emperor in 1502 when he was 10, he was very young to be king, but he was taught at a young age how to be a good person, he knew how to rule, gave all the money to the poor, removed slavery, but the no slavery thing was removed when he was uncrowned ,and he didn't fight instantly, people called him the negotiator, he was clever when he fought in battle though, he is considered to be one of the most important emperors in the empire's history, along with Bingus I, and Sogga V.

Sogga V : he tried to reform the empire during his war against Flopoleon but lost the war before his reforms went into effect. He later became the emperor of Sogstria, before dying in 1814.

Sogga VI : Sogga VI was the last leader of the Sogga Dynasty. Despite technically not being a leader of the HBE he was the last leader of the Sogga Dynasty which ruled over the HBE. He continued being the emperor of Sogstria, with many other sucessors after him.


After the dissolution of the Holy Bingus Empire a floppa named Greg Flopporson tried to make an agreement with all of the Flopman States that they will create the Holy Bingus Empire again. However Sogstria, Soggerland and Flopitaly refused. Greg Flopporson instead decided to form the Flopman Empire which existed until 1918.