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"Go to Flopsworn, y'bastard!"
Grotesque Floppa

Bill Gates, more known as Grotesque Floppa, was an American drug lord who controlled Bingustavo's cartel after the founder's death. He dominated drug distribution in South West UFA, although the Bingus Mafia had always tried to take over. He was called Grotesque Floppa because of his rather mundane face, which looks like a cube. Even though he had a funny face, Bill was a notorious and ruthless person. He killed many FBI and DEA agents that tried to catch him.

Bill was a good friend of Bingustavo. Bill often helped Bingustavo distributed drugs to drug dealers in New Flopxico and Colorado. When Bingustavo died, Bill mourned, and he swore to Bingustavo that he would continue his legacy of drug dealing.


Drug War of 2010[]

During the Drug War of 2010, Bill was sent by Bingustavo to attack the Flopoying-controlled areas in Colorado. There, Bill met Edgar Quincy Johnson, the leader of the Flopoying cartel, which is based in Sogada. Bill led his army of ex-FCP and criminal soldiers to attack Denflop, but he was stopped in Colorado Springs by Flopoying soldiers. Bill defeated the Flopoying soldiers with his superior army.

Bill then proceeded to go to Denflop to attack it. The Battle of Denflop occurred, where 50.000 cats clashed to control the city. The UF military then got involved, and Flopperbolts started attacking the cartel soldiers. Eventually, the Flopoying cartel ran away, and Bill with his soldiers barely got out after the UF military and the DEA occupied the city.

Not so long after the war ended, Bingustavo Fring died from a bomb in his car. Bill Gates then stepped up and replaced Bingustavo's position, becoming the leader of Bingustavo's cartel.

Drug War of 2016[]

In 2016, another drug war happened, this time started by the stronger Bingus Mafia. The Bingus Mafia has taken over drug lords on the entire East Coast. Some of Bill's acquaintances were killed during a trip to collect funds in New Flopleans and Baton Flop. In June 2016, Bingus Mafia soldiers attacked Bingustavo's warehouse complexes in Kansas and Missouri, prompting Bill to send troops there. Bill's soldiers were killed on sight, starting the Drug War of 2016. During this time also that Bill established the cartel as Gates-Fring Cartel.

Not so long after the attack, the UF government quickly tracked the activity, sending FBI and DEA agents there. The Bingus Mafia had a rough time fighting the UF military while defending their facilities. In August, UF forces captured Bingus Mafia headquarters of North America, located in Mobingus, Alabama. The Gates-Fring Cartel also struggled as the Flopaz cartel attacked Flophnix and Tucsog. The war ended as the Bingus Mafia branch of North America fell, leaving the continent free for Bill's cartel.

Drug War of 2019[]

In 2019, Bill got into a war with Big Floppa's exclusive cartel, which controlled the Great Lakes region. The area used to be in Bill's hands until the famous rapper Big Floppa decided to build his own drug cartel. The war only lasted for two months, as the Floppa Clan promptly defeated Bill's forces with superior firepower. Not so long after that, Big Floppa was murdered in Detroit, and Bill was one of the prime suspects, starting a rivalry between the two organizations.