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Greg Flop is a detective mistaked for Big Floppa and a soldier in the Bingustan wars.

Personal Life[]

Greg Flop was born in Floppaslavia on November 7th, 1991, where he was raised and taken good care of. Flop enjoyed spending his time reading magazines about the intricate Floppian philosophy and engaging in academic seminars with his peers. As he gained renown in the philosophical sphere and began making more public appearances as a motivational speaker sharing his revolutionary takes on Floppian epistemology, people who saw him started mistaking him for Big Floppa, asking for autographs, signed CDs, and other favors. Flop was always confused because he had never heard about Big Floppa. One day, Flop decided to research Big Floppa and purchase one of his albums.

Big Floppa's music resonated with Flop so much that it changed his worldview and gave him new insight on how to approach philosophy. Flop's new perspective was one of decisive, physical action to support one's values and one's nation, and as such it led him to join the Floppaslavian Army in war against Bingustan. Flop suffered a harrowing experience during the war, as he was taken prisoner by the Bingustanian millitary and was subject to several weeks of torture, which involved the removal of both of his ears with a scimitar. However, after many attempts, Flop eventually managed to persuade his captors to adopt a pacifist belief system and become conscientious objectors, after which he was freed to return to his troop.

Following these events, Floppa left the army. After that, Greg returned to his original habits of reading magazines for enlightenment, dedicating his life to loving magazines. In 2015 he underwent detective training to pursue values of truth and justice in his own way. He moved to Miami as part of his training and solved multiple notable cases.

Big Floppa Murder Case[]

Greg found out that Big Floppa has been murdered, so he decided to get on with the case. He tried to solve the case with his brother as the co-detective, Martin Flop. They unfortunately were unable to find an reasonable amount of evidence and the case had ceased investigation in December 25th, 2020.

His investigation was suceeded by Alexei N. Floppa, who is the best investigator out there.


To this day, he still works as an detective and has solved 5 cases on record.


  • Multiple other detective organizations have attempted to contact Greg Flop to join. He refused all of the attempts though.