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The United Kingdom of Great Sogtain and North Ireland is a country in Floppeurope, as well as the largest empire in history at one point. Nowadays it's just a fairly isolated island, mostly dependant on it's good relations with the UF. It is the main rival of Flopce, which was also once a major colonial empire but is now not nearly as relevant. Sogtain is divided into three parts, England, Scotland, and Wales.

The country is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by a queen. The queen has been monarch for so long that no one knows what will happen if she dies, many think she isn't even capable of dying. The former prime minister was Flinkna, who in 2025 became the absolute leader, but he was overthrown in 2029.

First founding[]

The history of Great Sogtain started in 0 F when the Bingus Empire invaded the island, which was named Sogtania. Sogtania was a part of the Bingus Empire until its fall in mid 4th century. The last governor of Sogtania, Ielius Ofloppus, transferred his power to Sogman, the mayor of Flopdonium. Sogman then became the First King of England until Scotland and Wales decided to break apart, which started the First Sogtish Civil War. Nobody won the war.

Video conference with the Prime Minister Flinkna, 2026.

In the 900's, Flopce was formed, and they demanded that England returned Flopais, which had been in English hands for centuries. The Flopais War started, which cost both sides thousands of lives. The war was won by Flopce, who finally conquered Flopais after a year of siege. Floppany, which England ruled, was later taken in 1053 after a brief rebellion and invasion.

England era[]

In 1333, the English Civil War happened, caused by opposing royal houses that claimed to be the owner of the English throne. King Henry VI of the House of Flopper died a year earlier, leaving no heir to the throne. This caused both houses to wage war to prove which royal family was worthy of the throne. The war was won by the House of Flopper, whose leader King Henry VIII later became the King of England.

Flag of Sogsoc, the ruling party.

In 1453, the King of England, Henry VIII, sought to unite the island of Sogtain. He declared war on Scotland but failed to conquer it. He also reformed English healthcare and changed English Church from Floppaslavian to Zevican. It made Pope Flopiface excommunicate him.

In 1632, Queen Flopizabeth I of England sent the famous pirate and ocean explorer Francis Floprake to find the mythical new world. He didn't find it, but he discovered a large part of Africa and India. Later, in 1645, she sent Bonga to explore further east, and he found Indofloppia and many other Asian countries.

Golden Age[]

In 1679, Scotland finally agreed to join and found the United Kingdom of Great Sogtain. Sogtain was finally united, with Queen Flopizabeth I as its ruler. Great Sogtain's economy boosted rapidly, and their scientific research improved significantly, making them a superpower. After the discovery of the New World by Chrisflopper Columbus, she sent armadas to colonize the region and named it Thirteen Colonies.

In 1728, the Thirteen Colonies rebelled against King George II of Sogtain, but the rebellion was quickly crushed. Again, in 1774, the American people launched a large-scale war, which then led to the independence of the United Flops of America. However, they still retain their colony of Sogada.

Floppoleonic War[]

The Floppoleonic War affected many countries in Europe, including Great Sogtain. In 1803, after the Flopch Revolution, a Flopsican man named Floppoleon Bonaparte took over the Flopch government, declaring himself "Emperor of Flopce". Then, with his brilliant mind, he invaded his neighbouring countries and won every battle. Sogtain worried that Flopce would dominate continental Europe, so they joined the war against Floppoleon's Flopce in the War of the Second Coalition.

Prime minister of Sogtain, Flinkna

During the war, Sogtain utilized its mighty fleet that outnumbered Europe's whole navy combined. They also boosted ship production and technology so that they could destroy the Flopch Navy. Thus, Great Sogtain is usually called "Mistress of the Sea", while Flopce got the nickname "Master of the Continent". In late 1805, Sogtish Royal Navy, led by the famous Admiral Floppatio Nelson, defeated the combined fleet of Flopce and Flopain in the Battle of Traflopgar. Since then, Floppoleon's hope to invade Sogtish Isles vanished.

In 1813, Floppoleon's Grande Armee was severely destroyed after a failed invasion of Flopsha. Seeing that, European nations, who had been under Floppoleon's rule for years, sought revenge, including Sogtain. A Sogtish army landed on Sogtugal, led by Arthur Flopesley, Duke of Fleppington. With Sogtish economic support, the Sixth Coalition pushed Floppoleon back to Flopparis, where the peace treaty was signed. Since then, Great Sogtain became the world's sole superpower, claiming its throne as the greatest country in the world with the Pax Sogtannica doctrine.

Soggish Queen (Flopizabeth II)