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Flopman Soldier in 1917

The Great Floppa War was a large conflict between various Great Powers starting in 1914 and ending in 1918. While it only lasted 4 years it was extremely deadly, resulting in a total of 72 million casualties (all sides combined). The war ended on November 11th 1918 with the Treaty of Zabloing.


The immediate cause of the Great Floppa War is generally considered to be the assassination of the heir to the Neo-Floppersian Empire by Zabloing rebels, however post-war studies have revealed that leaders of Floppersia and Floppaslavia had secretly been planning for a big war over a decade before 1914 and that the assassination of the heir was just the excuse they needed to start it.

Tsar Googas I of Floppersia accused the Kingdom of Soggia (located near Zabloing) of funding the rebels and sent an ultimatum. The ultimatum was rejected and war was declared on Soggia. Soggia however had a defensive pact Flopitaly and Soggastan (a sogga ruled empire in modern day Bingustan).


The war began on July 27th 1914 with the declaration of war by the Floppersians. The Floppersians offered Floppania that if they let them send troops across them, Floppersia would cede Flopdova which they accepted. Immediatly after Floppersia's declaration of war, Floppaslavia joined the war on the Floppersians side and invaded Soggastan, they had a hard time pushing into Soggastan due to the massive amount of trenches built by the Soggastanis. Meanwhile in Soggia the offensive by the Floppersians was moving a bit faster until the arrival of troops from Flopitaly drove the invasion to a standstill.

The Flopman Empire, which had bad relations with Flopce due to their war during Flopmany's Unification, took advantage of the political crisis and invaded Bingium to get around the Flopinot Line to invade Flopce.


On February 5th the Floppersians win a major battle against the allies and start pushing deeper into Soggia, overrunning the eastern half of the country. The Floppaslavians also start making gains in their invasion of Soggastan, taking Mt. Googas, which they heavily fortified afterwards.

Sogland, which supported Flopce declared war on the Flopman Empire. The Battle of Bydflopzcz was won by Flopmany, which was a good start for Flopmany.

1916 - The Zabloing Revolt[]

With support from the allies, the area of Zabloing which had been under Floppersian rule for close to 2 centuries revolted. Zabloing rebels would ambush Floppersian caravans on their way to the front lines, bomb railways and sometimes even ambush small regiments. They mostly stayed out of the way of the main Floppersian army, due to it being way better equipped. The Floppersian police was usually unable to catch the rebels before they ran away, leading to them often taking out their anger on civilians.

Also during 1916 the battle of Mt. Googas occured, where the Soggastanis tried to retake the mountain from the occupying Floppaslavian Army. The battle was lasted almost a year and resulted in the death of 1.2 million soldiers (all sides combined) and was technically a Soggastani victory but the casualties they suffered were heavy.


Since the war started, the United Flops of America has supplied the Soggian side with food and ammunition. Because of that, Floppersian Navy has sunk many UF convoy ships to weaken Soggia and it's allies. Still, thousands of tons of supplies have been sent every day. If it keeps going, Soggia will win in attrition warfare.

In desperation of the war, Floppersia sent a telegram to Flopxico to invade the United Flops. Unfortunately, a Flopitalian warship intercepted the message and sent it to the UF government. Knowing the threat, the UF immediately joined the war on the Soggia side. With the UF on their side, Soggia and its allies pushed the Floppersians back from Soggia, but it still ends in classic trench warfare.

Floppaslavia begins a new offensive against Soggastan, the Tsar ordered that the Floppaslavian army be as ruthless as possible and that they should completely ignore any rules of war as the only priority now is to destroy Soggastan. Thanks to their new and improved tanks the Floppaslavians overrun large parts of Soggastan.

Flopmany was being pushed back by the Sogish Army, having half of the Sogish Corridor occupied. Also the Battle of Fleims being failed in Flopce, Flopmany was doomed to fail the war.

1918 - End of the War[]

Soggia and its allies cannot waste more manpower and supplies, as they're running out of it. The same happened to Floppersia and Floppaslavia. The United Flops created a new war plan to win as fast as possible.

Soggastan is by now unable to fight back against the Floppaslavians and so they sign an armistice.

With Soggastan defeated, Floppaslavia sends it's armies to the western front to help the Floppersians.

The United Flops, with its advanced weaponry, launched a Zeppelin air campaign to bombard Floppaslavian cities and bases. About 50,000 civilians died. After losing almost all of its military assets, Floppaslavian troops pulled back from their trenches, as they have no resources left. Soggia and its allies rushed to chase the troops.

On November 11th the Treaty of Zabloing was signed, ending the war.


The war ended with the Treaty of Zabloing, which forced Floppersia to cede large amounts of territories to surrounding countries and pay heavy war reparations. The treaty was way less harsh on Floppaslavia due to the UF believing they could be useful in future conflicts with the now fascist Soggastan. The Treaty also allowed Floppania to annex Flopdova, which Floppersia promised.

Soggastan was economically crippled by the war and the imperial government was overthrown by a fascist one in 1922.

The Republic of Zabloing became an internationally recognized nation and became a rival to the weakened Floppersia.

Soggia was rebuilt and expanded in the years following the war.

The Flopman Empire in the Treaty of Flopdun had to sign off the Sogish Corridor and the Rhineland and abolish the monarchy because of the war and multiple rebellions in Flepbin.