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Georgie Caracal Sr. (June 9, 1878 - November, 1956), otherwise known as Great "Floppsy" Flopper, is Big Floppa's great grandfather.

He was a tax evader and made a company, Flopper Inc to hoard untaxed revenue in Soggapore. The company was inherited by Big Floppa's grandfather (although he never used it) and later by Big Floppa's father. It was eventually replaced by the Floppa Clan which also lets it's members evade taxes but serves other purposes as well.


Floppsy served as a Second Lieutenant in the UF Army during WW1. He fought in the trenches and reportedly got shellshock. He was honorably discharged after he was injured from Flopman artillery fire. This is something that angered him until his dying day. His argument- "If I can stand and hold a rifle, I'm fine" Despite this he was still discharged due to the risk of gangrene.

He also fought in the Flopanish-American War in the start of the 20th century.

Involvement in Mafia[]

Floppsy presumably has a connection with a Mafia group in New York City. A photo of him handing over a briefcase was found after his death in his closet. The suitcase is never found. Instead, a Thompson submachine gun was found hidden under his bed, along with a Trench Shotgun (presumably from the war) and an M1911.


Floppsy died in an airplane crash in the month of November, 1956, at the age of 78. The day is unknown. Some people say he survived in the jungle where the plane crashed.

2 days after the plane crash a search team was sent to recover Floppsys body. His son Floppsy Jr. also travelled to the jungle with another search time to see if he was alive. Despite heavy search efforts, no body was found.

Only a few things were found that belonged to Floppsy.

-His passport

-A notebook

-His service pistol

-His wallet filled with 5000 Floppa Dollars

-A newspaper

-His pocket knife

-One of his claws

-His walking cane

-A beer flask (Which was around a quarter of the way full)

-A burnt book (What the book was remains unknown)

Search efforts are still being continued to this day due to there being no clear confirmation that he is dead. A suspicious tent was found around 5 miles from the crash site sunk in a bog (Most likely due to a landslide on Floppsy hill, which was named after Floppsy himself) This tent contained multiple fruits and multiple bottles of water.

Most people conclude he is dead due to the sheer age he would be if he was still alive.