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Googas Khan was the first Khan of the Googol Empire, which conquered all of eurasia except for Soggapore (city). He is considered the greatest general of all floppakind!


Googas Khan, originally Googajin was born in the ancient region of Googastan, which has since been absorbed into Bingustan. He was the seventh son of his father, who was also the seventh son of Googas Khan's grandfather. He had unique psycic abilities which allowed him to see the future. These abilities allowed him to know exactly what he should say or do in order to get what he wanted. He quickly gained influence among his tribe, and eventually became his leader.

Googas Khan wanted a united earth where Floppas, Fleppas, Soggas, Binguses and even Humans could live in peace, he sought to achieve this through military conquest.

He started his conquest by uniting the Googol tribes, then he split his armies into two groups. One going east into Chiflop and the other going west into Floppaslavia. Both nations fell easily and Googas Khan personally killed king Zabloingski III of Floppaslavia in battle. After these conquests he continued pushing west, south and east, defeating the Second Floppersian Empire, the Kingdom of Zabloing, the Duchy of Bingurg, Flopan, various Indian states, various European states, and even crossed into North America through Siberia. Googas Khan left one small city-state alive, Zabloinkastan, for some unknown reason.

However... Googas Khan's foresight abilities had flaws, as he grew older it became harder and harder for him to control his visions into the future. During his invasion of California he suffured a vision in the middle of a battle and began riding around aimlessly, eventually he fell down and got tramped by his own army's horses. This couldn't have happened at a worse time as he had not designed an official heir. Googas Khan's generals began infighting over who would succeed him. The Googol Empire fell into chaos and all of Googas Khan's hard work ended up being for nothing. His body was carried by soldiers back into Eurasia by his soldiers and brought to the tallest mountain still in the empire, Mt. Googas. There it's said that his body was buried inside of a cave in the mountain.