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Not to be confused with The Real Googas.[]

Early life[]

Googas (Erik McGoog) was born in Detroit and attended a local high school there, during his first year he met a popular kid called Googas, he was very popular among all the kids in school due to his great rapping talent and was often asked if he ever wants to make a career out of it, Googas was jealous of all the attention the real Googas was getting so during the last year of high school he conducted a plan to steal all of Googas' identity, ranging from his name to his personal information. This was all revealed to the real Googas when the graduation ceremony began, the teacher called for "Googas" to come on the stage and both the real and fake Googas stood up, it was then revealed that Googas stole the real Googas' identity through hacking and this resulted in the real Googas severely injuring him and storming out of the building, all the while promising that he will get revenge on him for stealing his identity.

Plan details[]

the plan included the next steps

  • hack Googas's bank information
  • learn to act like Googas
  • get surgery to look like Googas
  • develop rapping skills


After the incident the school expelled Googas and his family disowned him, leaving him homeless for a while, during his adventures he found an empty abandoned house that once belonged to someone by the name of Floppa White, the house was in complete disrepair but he concluded that it could be a good hiding place for the time being. He used the credit card info he stole form the real Googas to purchase a computer and then he began doing what he was best at, Hacking. In 2014 Googas has managed to fix up the house into a relatively good state, during that time he also got married to a woman and had 2 children. One day Googas was preparing coffee when an arrow shot directly through his window just barely missing him, he ran to cover and attempted to look out to identify the attacker, he saw a man dressed as a hunter but soon after he got shot with another arrow directly to his knee. Googas, out of panic, ran to his room and grabbed his car keys and a pendrive containing important files, then began evacuating his family through the backdoor. They got in the car and began heading to Canada, but as soon as the car began moving one of Googas' children got shot in the head and died on the spot.


During Googas' hacking career he managed to hack into an old file containing information regarding an old fortification located in canada, the fort was mostly inhabited by humans but could serve the needs of any creature, Googas saved the coordinates and kept it safe as a trump card in the event that he gets found by the police or the real Googas. He is a terrible person who ruined a lot of people lives.


Googas died on December 20th 2020 after a carefully conducted plan by the real googas.


  • After the presumed death of Big Floppa(Doppelganger) the Floppa clan considered contacting Googas to serve as a hacker for the clan but due to him stealing the identity of the real Googas, the clan deemed him not trustworthy.
  • Googas was an alcoholic.
  • Googas killed zabloing or rather betrayed him
  • Contrary to popular belief, Mt. Googas was not named after googas it was named after his more popular counterpart The real Googas