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Editors Note: It appears that a database crash caused the infobox as well as tiny portions of the page to become redacted. Further damage to this and other files is being densely investigated. No known casualties. - Micheal

Edit: I heard some glass breaking from the main hallway. Investigation is needed immediately. God, why out of all of these jobs, THIS was the one I got accepted to. Actually, it's just a page editor job. Not that bad, right? - Micheal


Gloop∞ is another entity in the Gloop series of entities. It is known to kill people, with it's kill count being over 70. The last known kill was at 7/21/2020 1:52 AM MST, with more expected soon. It is known to come in the dead of night, with it's entrance being glass shattering. Oddly, the piece of glass shattered changes every time, with no recorded kills being done in the same window as another. This could lead to dangerous entities being released, possibly causing a bloodbath. Night Shift workers are needed to make sure no entities get out, and to possibly control all attacks. This works 20% of the time, with a few kills being stopped by the night shift workers, who usually die of natural causes a few weeks after they stop a kill. Many times it has been discussed to execute the entity. Oddly, all of the workers say no, in a usually monotonic tone. It has been classified a 9.████#####

Editors Note: This entity is totally safe, and has been ranked a 0. It is your friend. - Micheal