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The Giant Floppas are a race of really big Floppas living in the desert of Bingustralia, there are 6 of them although only one has been photographed. Ancient native Bingustralian texts mention a 7th one which disappeared around 2000 BC. No one has ever gotten close to one due to them actively avoiding interaction with other species. They do not seem to age, as the ones currently alive match the descriptions of ones from over a hundred years ago.

The Bingustralian Government has forbidden people without a license from entering the desert outside of the main highways between the east and west coast, many speculate that this is to prevent people from stumbling upon the Giant Floppas despite them already being reclusive.

One tribe of ancient Bingustralians, known as the "Binflos" worshipped them as gods, most of the information on the Giant Floppas come from this tribe. Whether or not they are actually gods is not known, and most Bingustralians doubt it.

Below is a list of giant floppas that the Binflos mention.

1: "Gohza"[]

Gohza (name derived from an ancient Binflos text) is the biggest of the Giant Floppas, the Binflos believed he was the god of order and would pray to him whenever the tribe was going through civil unrest. He is described as slightly chubby by the texts.

2: "Ehys"[]

Ehys is the second biggest of the Giant Floppas. The ancient Binflos believed she was the god of weather, and they believed whenever the weather was bad it was because the tribe had done something which upset her. She is described as being the same color as the sand.

A Giant Floppa matching this description was mentioned in the diary of a Sogtish explorer in 1864.

3: "Plohr"[]

Plohr is the the third biggest of the Giant Floppas. According to the Binflos he created the sentient beings of the world, such as Floppas, Soggas and Binguses. Plohr is described as having taller ear tufts than the other ones.

Plohr and Gohza were observed conversating by a Bingustralian explorer in 1901, confirming that the Giant Floppas are at least as intelligent as regular floppas. They spoke a form of proto-floppaic. According to translators, they were talking about shrimp.

4: "Lii"[]

Photo believed to be Lii

Lii is the fourth biggest of the giant Floppas, the Binflos believed she was the god of the continents. She is supposedly behind turning earth from an ocean planet into a planet filled with land. She is described as slightly thinner than the other ones, because of this many believe that the Giant Floppa in the famous 1920 picture is her.

5: "Ooro"[]

Ooro is the second smallest of the Giant Floppas, he is described as the god of knowledge. All Binflos writing ends with the sentence "by the grace of Ooro". He is described as slightly darker than the other ones.

Ooro was the first Giant Floppa to be sighted in modern times, being seen by a Sogtish colonist in 1799.

6: "Uirha"[]

Uirha is the smallest of the Giant Floppas, but he is still bigger than every living creature that isn't also a Giant Floppa. Despite being the smallest, the Binflos believed he was the strongest one, worshipping him as the god of strength. Aside from being smaller, he is also described as having thinner ear tufts.

A Floppaslavian migrant saw Uirha eat a kangaroo in 1913.

7: "Fuo"[]

Fuo's size in relation to the other ones is never specified, the Binflos believed he was the god of chaos. He was the only one they feared, rather than praised.

Fuo stopped being mentioned in Binflos texts around 3000 BC, with the last text mentioning him stating that he "went across the ocean".

Floppa Clan Expedition[]

The Floppa Clan sent two members who were taught how to speak Proto-Floppaic into the desert of Bingustralia (without a license) in seach of the Giant Floppas on February 16th 2021. After four days they found Gohza. Initially Gohza was about to leave the area as the Giant Floppas always do when they encounter people wandering into the desert, but the clan members shouted that they wanted to talk. Gohza turned back and sat in front of the clan members, asking what they were here for. The clan members explained what the Floppa Clan was, their motives and their ultimate ambitions. They then offered the Giant Floppas the chance to join the Floppa Clan, after about 10 seconds Gohza said "yes", and told them that he was gonna gather the other giants.

The Floppa Clan created ships specifically meant to transport the Giant Floppas from Bingustralia to one of the Floppa Clan's bases, which met with the Giant Floppas on February 22nd. However these big ships being docked in an abandoned coastal desert village caused suspicion from the Bingustralian Government, who had forbidden that anyone without a license enter the desert. They were left alone long enough for the Giant Floppas to board the ships but once they were about to leave Bingustralian waters they were contacted by the navy, who asked them what they were transporting. The Floppa Clan shot down the Bingustralian ship and continued on.

Floppa Clan and the Pacific Peace Organization are now on pretty bad terms, due to Floppa Clan shooting down a Bingustralian ship and Bingustralia believing they broke the law.

The success of recruiting the Giant Floppas boosted morale in the Floppa Clan after the miserable failure that was their attempt at capturing Longcat.

The Escape of Uirha and Ooro[]

In one of the New-Sogland mountains was suspected enormous 2 floppas, that were belived to be Uirha and Ooro. They were roaming around the jungles and then teleported.