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The Giant Enemy Spider is a prominent beatboxer who gained popularity from his song "THE GIANT ENEMY SPIDER" named after him. He openly supported Floppa Clan, funding them multiple times.


The Giant Enemy Spider started his career at the age of 12, in which he uploaded multiple videos of him beatboxing to Youtube. These videos gained little to no traction and Giant Enemy Spider continued to live on with his life.

The Giant Enemy Spider went to college in 2018 and graduated with a degree in Arachnology, however failed to use this degree properly. After failing to find a job he convinced his brother, the Small Enemy Spider, to upload some of his beatboxing videos to YouTube.

Within days the videos became viral and the Small Enemy Spider announced that his brother, the Giant Enemy Spider was going to launch an album with many beatboxing songs.

Giant Enemy Spider's career sky rocketed from there to point of being able to talk with Big Floppa himself on the phone and being talked about in a tweet from Big Floppa. This inspired him to donate thousands of dollars to Floppa Clan.

Currently, another album is in production known as "THE NEW ENEMY SPIDER".

Betraying Floppa Clan[]

The Giant Enemy Spider supported Big Floppa devotedly before discovering its terrors. It's air force commander was a racist supremacist, and it abused and was racist to binguses. The Giant Enemy Spider made a Big Floppa diss and sued Floppa Clan for 250 million dollars for gang violence and giving military power to a megalomaniac. He donated all the money to bingus charities and has been a critic of Big Floppa and Floppa Clan ever since.

Attempted Murder[]

Floppa Clan wanted revenge, so they sent their assassins after Giant Enemy Spider. A gun hit his thorax, but his exoskeleton was too strong, it bounced off and hit the assassin in the ballsack, neutering him.

Floppa Clan then sent in a man with a katana, Giant Enemy Spider bite him and he died of the poision.

Giant Enemy Spider then sued Floppa Clan for another 500k for attempting to murder him. The court case ended in Giant Enemy Spider winning and gaining the money, similar to last time, he donated it to bingus charities.


Brother Contreversy[]

The Giant Enemy Spider got into a controversy about how he may have caused his brother, Small Enemy Spider to become a murderer. The Giant Enemy Spider has not responded to these claims.