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About Gargantious Floppa:[]

Gargantious Floppa, (Full Name: Gargantious Flopjhon Floppa) is a Flop-lynx born in America In 1989. His parents are Dimitri Lyxnovich Vagnov and Flopine Floprantina Flopice. He is known for being a friend of Big Floppa before his death, Founder and CEO of multiple companies and cartels, including Gargantious Cartel™️, high-ranking member of the Floppadiere Cartel, founder and commander in chief of the Gargantious Gang™️, while also a right hand man of Kanye in the Kanye Cartel. He sells Floppoine and Floppihuana and owns a private army with 23 aircrafts and 150k men. He is living somewhere on a private island in the Carribean Islands. Gargantious Floppa is also known to be one of the most richest people on earth, with 2 trillion flops.

History Of Gargantious:[]

Gargantious Floppa, or as his friends and family call him, Gargie (pronounced Gargi). He started his life of crime when he turned 16, joining a small miami cartel and the Floppa Crips Gang. He eventually left The crips gang after stealing 10 million flops from Crip Floppa himself. In 2011, after turning 22 he joined Floppa Clan, giving large sums of money to support the group. He learned about Floppa Clan from his friend and legend with the biggest dumpy cummy ass, Big Floppa himself. By the time he was 24 he started the Gargantious Cartel™️, a truly g a r g a n t i o u s cartel run by him and Big Floppa until his death. The Cartel sells Floppoine and Floppihuana, while also selling other drugs and illegal weapons and trading electrical bombs. After getting 500 million from the cartel, he started the Gargantious Gang™️, a gang opposed to Floppa Crips Gang and all binguses, expect the owner of taco bell. The gang imports weapons, gasses, classical items, stolen artifacts, stolen drugs and sells Caracrals as slaves in Flopxico to dictator Juan himself. After starting The Gang, he had emmased 3.5 Billion Flops. He joined his friend Kanye's cartel after it started as a high ranking member, emmasing 4.785 Billion Flops. He then started Commiting war crimes while selling everything illegal around the world and starting his private army, PMC Gargantious™️. After all of this he Emmased 1 Trillion Flops and was gaining more and more each day. Today he has emmased 2 TRILLION FLOPS (holy sweet mother of jesus again™️). He is hunted by many goverments for many crimes with a few been:

  • Giving Money To Flugarian Cartels In Freece Selling Illegal Flugarian Yogurt (BIG CRIME).
  • Giving Money To Flapadopoylists In Freece After FASOK took over.
  • Committing War Crimes during The Bingustani Revolution.
  • Attempting to steal Amog-8 as a weapon of terror from the F.C.P Foundation.
  • Stealing Floppa slaves in Flopxico .
  • Trading shotguns (illegal there) and electrical bombs in Flopitaly.
  • Fort Flopx Heist 8. Stealing artifacts from museums in Freece 9. Stealing obamium and containted creatures from the Flobama Institute. 10. SEX™️


  • He has 24.000 cars including a golden Flopniseg Flegera.
  • He has 23 aircraft including a F380 With 20 anti missile turrets.
  • His army is consisted of 50.000 mercenaries and is currently planning a coup in Flopxico.
  • He bombed Fort Flopx (biggest gold storage in world) while trying to do a heist, in result he stole around 700,000 golden pieces.