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Personified depiction of Foo, by an unknown artist. Found in a cave, 6th Century F.

Foo, also known as Fù, is the god of chaos depicted in many ancient Floppaic civilizations. The widespread of the Floppa species also brought their culture with them, causing many similar depictions of Foo in many parts of the world. Nowadays, Foo is simply an urban myth, even though its existence and its followers, the Cult of Foo, is still questionable and possibly even real.

In the early ages of Floppaic civilizations, the first and possibly mythical unified Floppa state was formed, and it was also where Floppaic culture developed. Some said that Foo was a way parents use to make their children obey them, but others believe that Foo was indeed a god unifying said state. That was why Foo was considered a fraternal and everlasting entity but was it good or bad? The question remains unanswered.

"Okay, so folks here have seen that thrilling video, right? About Foo and the Cult of Foo, which I believe is still controversial for some reason. As we can see, we should not let this shake our faith in Floppus and the gospel of the Teachers. We know that many terrible things have happened in the past, and some were correlated to Foo or its cult. Still, my friends, we see something we do not know, and as a floppakind, we would be afraid, but we shall not! As Floppists, we shall stand firm, and Floppus will protect us. Floppus bless."

- a Floppist preacher during the National Floppism Convention of 1993

The Cult of Foo is a religious cult formed hundreds or thousands of years ago by Foo followers. Since Foo was believed to be the god of chaos, many people thought that the cult is inherently evil, even though the cult's existence is still uncertain. The first time someone has ever mentioned Foo in the modern world was a floppa with the initial "DF". DF rose into prominence after releasing a thrilling video featuring him, saying, "Foo is imminent. Prepare, and do not disappoint him!" Government agencies around the world have tried their best to find the man behind the video. Still, DF was never found, neither did the question about the Cult of Foo's existence answered.

"So who is this Foo? A ruler? A king? An emperor? A god? Our creator? This is the only question in which we will never receive the answer."

- United Flops Senator John Jekyll Flopway regarding DF's Foo video, 1993

Historical presence[]

Ritual monuments, obelisks, altars, and sites[]

Depictions of Foo can be found in many ancient ritual sites around the world. These ritual sites, including monuments, obelisks, and altars, could be dated back to when Floppas first appeared. Even though each has its own style and characteristics, all of the ritual sites have one similarity: the Head of Foo. The Head of Foo looks like a normal floppa, representing its role as the God of Chaos among Floppas. The Head of Foo must always be placed on top of every ritual monument and obelisks since Foo was the worshipped one.

In an ancient pagan ritual site in Proflopence, Flopce, a statue can be found featuring a large Head of Foo above a group of Floppas that seems to be praising it. It represents Foo reigning over the floppakind.

In an ancient pagan village in southern Flopitaly, writings of Foo Aeterna can be found at every house's door. The word is in Latin, which means "Foo Eternal".

Zhang Blong Ying's documentation[]

According to ancient Chiflopese philosopher Zhang Blong Ying in his incomplete work titled Doctrine of Fù, he explained the origins of the Fù as the god of a religion worshipped and practised by "outsider barbarians". Due to the cryptical nature of this statement, it is not possible to know for sure who Zhang was referring to. However, we know that pagans from Western Chiflop, including Flopjiang and Tibet, migrated into Eastern Chiflop, bringing their religion (possibly Foo-centered) and practices to the region.

Zhang Blong Ying wrote the book not as a guideline but rather as documentation of outside migration to ancient Chiflop.


According to the Imperial Library of Floppersia, in the ancient Floppersian Empire, there was a violent and dangerous religious cult worshipping "Fue". They practiced Floppa Sacrifice and primarly targeted the higher class or nobilities since they believe the higher the status, the more happy Fue would be. This cult was behind the murder of Emperor Floprius III in 200 F, which they believed would please Fue for another 100 years. After the assassination of Floprius III the cult was declared illegal and its members were hunted. By 250 F, the cult ceased to exist.

The name of this cult is unknown, and Fue is possibly the cult's depiction of Foo.


See Fou War

In ancient Floppaslavia, there was a small war between Floppists and Foo-worshipping pagan warriors called the Knights of Fou. It was considered a cult that worshipped "Fou", a possible depiction of Foo. The war occurred because Floppism recently spread through the region, with many people abandoning their old beliefs and forcing the others to convert. One group, the Knights of Fou, rebelled, and the war started. The war ended in the early 700 BFs, with the group massacred in an open field in Flopscow.


An ancient scripture from a tribe of Bingustralians known as the "Binflos" mentions a giant floppa known as "Fuo" who left Bingustralia around 3000 BF. Coincidentally they also believed he was the most chaotic among the other giants. This Fuo may be indeed Foo itself, but the record of its travel ended here. Foo could have landed in India, the Middle East, or Africa, where the belief mostly started.