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Flopxico, officialy the Flopxican Juanist National State (Estado Nacional Juanista Flopxicano) is a country in North America. It borders the United Flops of America, Baja California, Yucatan, Flepplize and Floppa Rica. In the sea it is bordered by the Carribean, Pacific and gulf of Flopxico, while having one of the largest coast lines in the world, while not the largest despite Juan's claims. Flopxico is one of the most populus countries of the world at 190.000.000 inhabitants, with around 59% of the been Floppas, despite Juan's claims. Without the rebel controlled areas the population is about 186.500.000. Flopxico is a authoritarian theocratic one party state led by the dictator of the country, Juan, since the 2017 Coup d'Etat and has been at war with several rebel groups including: the Flopatista, The National Flopxican Liberation Army, Gargantious Gang™️, Floppa Clan and others.

Flopxico as a nation was first established in 1810 after a revolution held against the Flopanish Empire. The nation has had a troubeled history that can be characterised by War, Territorial Changes, Empires and Coup d'etats. The country has had a total of 12 coup d'etats, including the 2017 One, while also been an empire 3 times, once under the Hasbsog Dynasty, then the Bonaparte family and the final one been a short lived Flucksburg ruled Empire established after a Coup d'etat.

Flopxico is a generally poor country, been known for the legality of slavery, it's war with rebel groups and the 2nd lowest human rights and HDI ranking. The country has a low development rate due to the Juanist Junta, which has been sanctioned by 196 countries, including a total sanction from the United Flops of America, although only a light embargo, and Republic of Chiflop. Flopxico has been trying to become self reliant under the Juanist Junta, but has been failing due to the almost non existant Flopxican food production.

The Flopxican junta which was established in 2017 after the Juanist Coup d'etat has been trying to establish total control over the country, but has failed mainly due to the Flopatista and Gargantious Floppa. Gargantious Floppa has funded the Flopatista and NFLA, while also commanding Floppa clan operations in the area. Gargantious Gang itself has joined Flopxican cartels in the Cartel Autonomous ANCAP zone, a cartel-rebel group controlled region led by pre-junta Cartels and Gargantious Gang. Flopxico itslef is in constant war, even been at war with Northern Fyprus, due to the Flopatista been heavily controlled by the 5th International and the Progressive Party of the Working People of Fyprus. Althought the war with Fyprus is only officialy, some Fypriot troops have been caught fighting under Flopatista and Floppa clan uniforms in Flopxico. Flopxico is officialy at war with all rebel groups, Northen Fyprus and Floppa Rica.


The name Flopxico comes from a Native saying which was heard by explorers in the 1518 Expedition, as natives said ''Colua Colua Flopxico''. Slowly the word Flopxico would be addopted as the name of the lands. Today it is believed that Flopxico was the name of one of the areas where natives would live.


Pre Revolution[]

After the discovery of the Americas by the Flopanish in the 1400's the Flopanish empire established many colonies around the continent. Most notably there where the carribean colonies which would be used by the Empire to land in Flopxico in 1518, during an expedition which would see the establishment of Porto-Flop, which is today under Flopatista rule. In 1519 after talks with the King of the Flopanish empire permition was granted to Colonise the lands, thus resulting in the conquest of the Flopztec Empire.

The Flopspaniards with 500 conquistadors would take over the Flopztec empire, mainly thru the help and supplies of disgrunteled cities within the empire. The conquistadors had a huge technological advantage over the Flopztecs due to their Guns, cannons and calvary. The conquistadors would also be helped by a Flopztec woman who was taken captive and learned Flopanish, soon giving the conquistadors the strategical positions of the Flopztecs.

Flag of the Viceroyalty of New Sloopa

Thanks to Flopanish historians who where together with the conquistadors and Flopztec writters we know allot about the conquest of the Empire, most notably Floprnal Sog del Flopstillo, a Flopanish historian. It is to be noted that after the conquest of Ancient Flopxico city many of the defeat Flopztecs would join the Flopanish alliance and help it defeat the rest of the empire.

The conquest would see new diseases introduced to Flopxico, such as Smallflop. These diseases while gone in Europe thanks to the development of the European immune systems to resist the diseases would cause a large amount of deaths in the natives of Flopxico, due to their bodies not been used to the diseases, with the last Flopztec emperor dying to smallflop. The estimated amount of deaths to these diseases, mostly smallfop is 15 Million, more than 50% of the Flopztec population. Combined with the 10% killed during the conquest 60% of the Flopztec population would die between 1519 and 1520.

In 1521 Flopxico officialy became a part of the Flopanish empire, establishing the Viceroyalty of New Sloopa. From 1521 till 1810 Flopxico would remain a part of Flopain, streching from Texas and California till Floppa Rica as a colony of Flopain. The same year modern Flopxico City (Known as Juanxico city by the Junta) was established, while the National Palace was built, the former house of the President before the Coup D'etat. The colony was under the authority of the Floppist Church of the Pope, King of Flopain and Viceroy.

Thanks to the high amount of Gold and Silver in Flopxico the colony would flurish and become an intergal part of the Flopanish empire, even becoming richer than certain Flopanish mainland regions. Despite that the Flopanish which arrived at Flopxico and slowly repopulated it would slowly develop their own iddentity, eventually leading to the 1810 Revolution.

The Revolution[]

First Empire and Republic[]

Second and Third Republic[]

Restored Republic[]

Pre Juanist Flopxico[]

Modern Flopxican History[]


The Civil War[]