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"This is our most possible future reality. This possibility must be put at utmost importance to prevent it, or worse, anticipate it. I really hope this won't happen."

The Flopsworn War, codename Event-X210, is a world-ending event that occurred in an alternate reality where the FCP Foundation failed to contain and stop the Flopsworn from invading the Realm of the Living. As one of the worst possible realities out there, this event is of utmost priority to the FCP Foundation to hopefully avoid or instead anticipate. In this timeline, designated as FTM-17742X, the event started in 2032 in Arizona, where a gate to The Flop was opened. It allowed the Flopsworn to go through and attack Flerth.

In under a year, the entirety of North America fell, prompting the United Nations to act. Then, the United Nations Emergency Council was formed, with the United Nations Joint Task Force (UNJTF) and the United Nations Special Forces Commando (UNSOC) fighting in the frontline. A month later, the continent of America fell, with the Flopsworn starting to invade Europe through the North Atlantic Ocean. According to the FCP Foundation, Flerth would fall in under six months, even with fierce resistance.


"Gate To Hell" Incident - Breach[]

Lab Director's Log

July 1 2032

"Gate To Hell"

Today is the 712th testing to open a portal to The Flop. I don't know what the bureaucrats were thinking when they started this project. It is both dumb and endless, since we cannot open a portal to that dimension from here. Still, those [REDACTED] insist that if we could open the gate to there, maybe we could defeat The Flopsworn from behind. I doubt that, since there are trillions of them, at least. Well, a job is a job, so I'll do it for the money nonetheless.

-A Lab Director's journal from Site-21.

On July 1 2032, the 712th test to open a gate to The Flop was deemed a failure after Lab Director Andrew McCormick disabled the power source after the portal generated too much energy to handle. Supreme Deathlord Flopius saw the barely opening exit on the other side of the realm and realized the plan. He got an idea that could bring The Flopsworn to victory.

There must be a parallel essence of two places on both realms for a gate to appear. The exact nature includes similarities in spiritual and scientific significance, creating a doorway between the domains. These requirements are documented in one of the Foundation's books named "The Study of Realms", possibly written by the Messenger of Floppus. One of the places with parallel essence is Site-21 in Arizona, which made it a suitable place for portal experiments.

After gathering his army, Supreme Deathlord Flopius tried to open a portal where the portal barely appeared. It seemed unsuccessful, but The Flopper intervened and successfully created a large doorway that allowed  The Flopsworn to pass. Site-21 was breached, and the FCP Foundation found itself in a dreadful situation. After that, Site-21 fell, and The Flopsworn proceeded to invade Flerth, firstly Arizona.

Code Red - Floppolyon Apocalypse Kilonova (FAK) Level FCP Breach - Fall of Arizona[]

"Overlord, do you copy? I repeat Overlord, do you copy?! This is code red, I repeat this is code red! FAK level breach! Requesting assistance immediately, I repeat requesting assis- AAAHH!!!"
Captain Alexious Morvall, Commander of the FTF A-S-N-C 1 American Rangers

After breaching out of Site-21, Supreme Deathlord Flopius appeared on top of the ruins. He faced massive Foundation forces surrounding the area with all guns aiming at his head. Like a gigachad he was, Flopius simply snapped his fingers and destroyed half of the Foundation forces. The FTF was overwhelmed by the superior magic used by the Flopsworn, prompting the United Flops military to intervene. Soon after, the FTF was defeated with ease by the Flopsworn, now heading towards Flophnix, Arizona.

Right at the moment as well, the FCP Foundation broadcasted an emergency message worldwide warning them about the Flopsworn. The Foundation realized that it is now hopeless to resist against the endless tides of Flopsworn demons, but people decided to fight since it is better to die fighting than live enslaved.

The UF Air Force then proceeded to attack the Flopsworn, which was sacking Tucsog, killing almost a million. Unfortunately, with the help of the Lord of Dark Bingus Magic, Bingsus, dozens of UF aircraft, including Floppa Clan volunteers, were destroyed, exhausting UF firepower. The FCP Foundation then sent many FCPs to repel the attack but failed nevertheless. It appeared that the hopeless situation became worse.

The UF government declared Arizona as a "dead zone", which meant controlled by the Flopsworn. The government considered the nuclear option, but congress voted for the decision to be halted, seeing that there were still many survivors in the area. After that, the United Nations got involved, sending the UNGFC and UNSOU to intervene in the daring circumstances. Not so long after that, the central government lost contact with the remaining Arizona authority, forcing the world to act.


Operation Apocalypse - Fall of North America[]

"Do you really think these tiny pieces of metal could hurt me? Huh, you Flerthlings are even more pathetic than I thought."
Supreme Deathlord Flopius

After the Flopsworn invaded California, Texas, and Baja California, the UNJTF nuked them at Flophnix, but it didn't affect the massive horde at all. Then, the UF government nuked Los Flopeles, San Flopcisco, Floppuquerque, Floplas, and Sogston, but it didn't do anything. The Emergency Council then launched Operation Apocalypse, which obligated all men above 15 to take arms and fight. A massive draft was issued to many countries, such as Floppaslavia and even Bingustan.

In Kansas and Missouri, Lord of the Dark Bingus Magic Bingsus massacred the city of Flochita and St. Flouis. Bingsus then travelled east and destroyed Chicago as well as Detroit, just as the remainings of the Floppa Clan departed. Many Americans tried to escape, but almost all failed as the Flopsworn demons consumed them as their dinner. Sogada was also attacked by Flopswornic Bingus, with the help of Flopswornic Sogga, the duo that brought nightmares, chaos, and death to the Sogadian people.

After a few months, Operation Apocalypse was an utter failure that cost 300 million soldiers, half untrained and inexperienced. This situation led to the deposition of Lufsan Soggria as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, replacing him with Alois DeFlop. UNJTF, UNSOU, as well as UNSOC troops, withdrew from North America, leaving the continent decimated.

Since then, the Flopsworn horde steamrolled across the continent, defeating Flopxico and Bingzil, killing Juan, who was supposed to be immortal. The situation became even more desperate for the world, with now around a billion people dead. Only a miracle could save Flerth from extinction.

Hell Commando - Operation Kill All Demons[]

Doom Floppa himself.

In 2035, the FCP Foundation successfully opened a portal to the Flop in Site-4, Flopmany. After that, the Foundation formed a task force to infiltrate the Flop and possibly kill the Flopper, who would still be in the Flop. The task force was called the Hell Commando, led by fierce and rogue guerilla fighter Doom Floppa.

"I'm all in to kill those damn demons."
Doom Floppa

The Hell Commando breached the Flop, only to find themselves surrounded by hundreds of Flopswornic demons. Without hesitation, Doom Floppa went into the fight straight on, killing every demon in his sight, earning him the name "The Demon Slayer". His teammates, mostly biologically-enhanced soldiers, joined in and defeated the creatures. It was the first Flerthling victory against the Flopsworn.

However, since the Flopswornic demons were great in numbers and supposedly uncountable, the Hell Commando struggled only to escape the island they were stranded in the Flop. After three days of constant fighting, the Hell Commando successfully ran off the island and came searching for the Flopper. Doom Floppa was exhausted, so he stayed for a while.

Unfortunately, the Flopper sensed the group's appearance, so it came looking for them. When the Hell Commando was about to depart, the Flopper attacked them, instantly killing two. Doom Floppa quickly struck the Flopper, but his attack was repelled by an impenetrable invincible shield surrounding the Flopper. His teammates tried to attack, but they were killed too. At his last moment, Doom Floppa attacked the Flopper with everything he had, but the Flopper was too strong that it sent Doom Floppa back to Flerth with severe injuries.

UNGFC Division 99-99 "Maximum Floppage"[]

On April 16th, 2039, the UNGFC decided to give Division 99-99, commonly called Max Floppage an upgrade. It would hand out several extremely high-tech power suits capable of mowing down millions of Flopsworn effortlessly. As this war had the first 99-99 casuality over its 20 years of operation, this was a big deal and the upgrades would be a very welcome addition.


Attack on Iceflop - Floppus Intervention - "The Heaven Intervened"[]

On January 1 2040, the Flopsworn attacked Iceflop, a country in North Europe. The combined UN Fleet was decimated by Supreme Deathlord Flopius, deeming that "it was just a waste of time". On the first day, 90% of the Iceflopian population were killed, with most UN forces now on the retreat. Unexpectedly, something incredible happened that will change the course of history and the concept of belief forever.

There was a loud sound, seemingly horns coming from above. Then, the clouds opened, revealing a massive army of angels and spirits coming from the sky. In front of them was the God of Floppism, Floppus, who held the legendary Sword of Floppus while riding his horse, Miguel. It was an outstanding and unbelievable event, as some called "the heaven intervened".

Nightingale, Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Floppus

It turned out that Floppus and his army opened a gate to Flerth to help the Flerthlings to defeat the Flopswornic demons. Many Floppists cheered with joy as their saviour descended to Flerth, and even the United Nations cheered. Then, the Flopsworn army in Iceflop was defeated by Floppus and his army, claiming the first victory on Flerth against the Flopsworn. The United Nations then tried to contact Floppus, and he agreed to work together with the Flerthling bureaucracy to defeat the invasive demonic creatures. It was weird to see mortals worked together directly with a legendary spiritual and possibly mythical immortal individual.

The Great War of Gods, Immortals, and the Undeads - End of the Flopsworn War[]

"Guess Floppa was right all along."
Sogga Glopnar

In 2044, Floppus, with the help of his army from the Realm of the Paradise, attacked Supreme Deathlord Flopius. Floppus severely injured Flopius, forcing him to return to the Flop. Upon hearing the situation, The Flopper was surprised and frightened at the same time. He never thought that Floppus would ever directly interfere. Knowing this, The Flopper took action and waited inside the Flop, expecting Floppus to make a mistake and enter the realm.

In 2046, most of the Flopsworn was defeated by Floppus. Now, his soldiers surrounded the place where it all began; Site-21, Arizona. The Flop had breached the area, and its aura spread throughout it. It looked like the Flop but on Flerth. Floppus knew that if he entered and fought The Flopper directly, he would lose, so he waited. The Flopper became agitated, so he gathered the rest of his army and prepared to face Floppus himself.

The Flopper came out of the gate with trillions more of the Flopsworn. The Battle of Site-21 started between the two sides, taking a massive toll on each side. Floppus and The Flopper were equal in strength, but The Flopper was not as durable as Floppus. After a month of fighting, The Flopper was beheaded by Floppus. Floppus dumped his head to the Realm of the Death, where Floppus caught a glimpse of his long lost brother, Bougar. The Flopsworn War has finally ended but at a great cost. Floppus immediately left Flerth but told his heavenly soldiers to help rebuild the wartorn planet.