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Flopscow is the capital of Floppaslavia. It is the biggest city in Floppaslavia and is also the biggest Floppa-majority city.

Flopscow is believed to have been founded during the rule of the ancient Floppersian Empire, between 350 BC and 290 AD. After 290 it became an independent city state. During the reign of Queen Tiffany I Flopscow grew powerful enough to unite Floppaslavia, becoming the capital of the first Kingdom of Floppaslavia.

Flopscow fell to the Googol Empire in 1215, thanks to the military genius of Subloing. It remained under the tyranny of the Googols until Googas Khan's death resulted in the empire collapsing. The nobles of Flopscow took advantage of this and revolted, founding the second Kingdom of Floppaslavia.

In 1580, there was a great fire in Flopscow, destroying many ancient buildings. How exactly it happened is still unknown. Flopscow is haunted by a pro-bingus Pig who vandalizes buildings all throughout the city.