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Flops banknote

Flops (sign: ʄ code: FLP, also abbreviated as FLOP) is the official currency of almost all floppa-majority countries, and the official currency of a few non floppa-majority countries. The currency's code is usually FLP, but is sometimes abbreviated as FLOP, FP, FOP, or simply F. "ʄ" is the symbol of Flops and is also used as the voiced palatal implosive, a consonantal sound used in some languages spoken in the Thai Democratic Republic, and southern Chiflop.

The monetary policy of this currency is conducted by the International Flops Banking Bureau (IFBB).

Flops come in different nominals: 1 Flop, 2 Flops, 5 Flops, 10 Flops, 15 Flops, 20 Flops, 50 Flops, 75 Flops, 100 Flops, and 200 Flops. There also used to be a 420 Flops nominal but it was never produced.

1 Flop is the equivalent of 3 real USD (2.45 EUR), and there are also lower nominal coins called Flips, which are used with flops. 100 Flips is equal to a Flop.

1 Flop is equal to 0.0003 Flopcoins.

Countries using Flops[]

There are lots of countries using Flops, although not all of them. Some use other international currencies (Euro, Dollars etc.) and some use their own currency (Floppafloppavian Crown, Flopgarian Flopint etc.)

Some shops in countries which did not adopt Flops also have unofficial usage of Flops, mostly to have more usage from tourists.


Digiflops are a non-physical digital currency which is closely connected to the Flop. It is slowly phasing out the Flop but many people and countries still use it. It is very widely used.