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Floppus is the single fraternal deity believed as the god in the religion of Floppism. Floppus was the first child of the First Flop, the first being in the

Floppaverse, and is the strongest god. According to the Holy Flop Book, a scripture said that Floppus wore a brown robe called the "Robe of Floppus." His face is unknown, covered by the Holy Light of Floppus, and he was depicted as a caracal with large ears.


Floppus was born as the first child of the First Flop, the first being in the Floppaverse. As the First Flop's first son, Floppus was granted the powers of his creator and the characteristics. Floppus then became the strongest among the other children of the First Flop. He was always the centre of attention during the early days of the Floppaverse, which made Bougar, his brother, hated him. The First Flop's inadequate nurture would lead to The Fight Between Gods or the War of the Gods, in which Bougar killed the First Flop in his wrath.

The Fight Between Gods - War of the Gods[]

Important to remember that The Fight Between Gods refers to the fight between Floppus and Bougar. The War of the Gods refers to the all-out war between all the gods.

The Fight Between Gods occurred during a power struggle between the gods to take upon the First Flop's throne. Floppus and Bougar were the strongest of all, and they fought to be the successor of their creator. Floppus claimed that Bougar killed the First Flop for his own benefit, but Bougar said Floppus murdered the First Flop sometimes earlier. The battle then commenced with other gods fighting while spectating.

At first, Bougar gained the upper hand. Eventually, Bougar was kicked in the butt, and Floppus transported him to the Realm of the Death as a punishment. Floppus, who honoured his creator, didn't take the throne and let the power vacuum went on. Since then, no one has ever tried or even thought about claiming the First Flop's throne, and other gods out there started to build their own empires or decided to become mortals.


After millions of years of sitting in silence, Floppus created the Kingdom of Floppus, the defender of the Floppaverse as well as the most powerful cosmic state in the Realm of the Spirits. Later, Floppus would use half of his power to create the Realm of the Paradise to secure his position in the Floppaverse.  He made it in case of an invasion by his enemies. Floppus most anticipated enemies are the Flopsworn, Bougar, and even Biblically Accurate Floppa,

To gather his army, Floppus sent missionaries to planets to convert people into believers. He needed spirits to be his soldiers, be he couldn't kill people because that would make them not loyal or even rebellious. If Floppus successfully convinced people to be devout to him, then he could make a great army made of loyal soldiers. One of the missionaries was the Messenger of Floppus, whom Floppus visited during his dream to spread Floppism on Flerth.