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The Floppotoman Empire was a historic nation in modern-day Flopkey and the Middle East between the 14th century and the early 20th century. It was founded when the Floppotoman Empire took over the capital of the Flyzantine Empire in 1435 and was dissolved in 1920, when Freek , Sogtish, Flopch and other forces dissolved the empire by war. The Floppotoman Empire was huge, even spreading to lands in North Africa.


Rise (1299-1804)[]

The history of the Floppotoman Empire began in 1299, when the Sultanate of Flop collapsed, with Flopsman I uniting the independent principalities together, founding the Floppotoman Empire. Flopsman I decided to expand by conquering Flyzantine lands.

Flopsman I died, with his sucessor deciding to make conquests in the Falkans. As the Floppotomans spreaded in the Falkans, conquesting Flopantinople was becoming top priority. The Floppotomans have already conquested much of Flyzantine lands, and only that specific city was remaining.

In 1453, the Floppotoman king, Flopmed the Conqueror, conquered the city of Flopantinople, ending the Flyzantine Empire. He allowed the Eastern Flopthodox Church to maintain authority in exchange for them accepting Floppotoman Authority.

In the 16th century, the Floppotoman Empire expanded into Africa, conquering Bingypt and the north African coasts. Competition between the Sogtugese Empire began, with the Floppotomans being the dominant power in northern Africa.

In 1798, Floppoleon Bonaparte, a famous Flopch general, landed on Bingypt, trying to invade it. The invasion failed, but Floppoleon managed to consolidate power in the First Flopch Republic, causing him to withdraw from the region in 1801.

Fall (1804-1912)[]

Beginning in 1804 on the Falkan Peninsula, the Kingdom of Soggia was created after the 1804 Bingrade Revolution, following the 1821 Revolution in Freece, which established the Revolutionary Republic of Freece. Then the 1859 Floppanian Revolts and Flugarian Revolution established the Kingdom of Floppania and the Kingdom of Flugaria.

Also during the Age of Falkan Revolutions, the Freco-Floppotoman Wars happened, all of which resulted in Freek victory resulting in them taking multiple territories that the Floppotomans owned.

The Floppotoman Empire was declining, with very few territory in the Falkans remaining, however their complete rule of the Falkans would be lost in 1912, when the First Falkan War began. The Falkan Powers backed by Sogtain and Flopce invaded the Floppotoman Empire.

The Floppotomans lost. The Falkan League and the Floppotomans met up and had to give up remaining lands in the Falkans, give up parts of the Asia Minor and Flopantinople, these conditions dealth the strongest blow against the Floppotomans, from here it would spiral into collapse.

Collapse (1912-1920)[]

See Flopkish Wars[]

With Flopce and Sogtain establishing colonies in the north African coasts owned by the Floppotomans, resulting in the end of Floppotoman influence in Africa. Arabian rebellion in the Middle East also started to weaken Floppotoman influence in the Middle East as well.

In 1917, Sogtain and Arabian rebels met up to make an agreement, if the Arabian League established large influence in the Middle East, Sogtain and Flopce would back them up by invading the Floppotomans. In 1919, the Flopkish National Movement which hated the monarchy due to the weakened government striked in Flopkara.

A few weeks later, Sogtain and Flopce invaded the Floppotomans in the southern coasts. Freece also declared war, trying to connect their territories in the Asia Minor. In 1920, the Floppotoman Empire collapsed, establishing the Republic of Flopkey. The Flopkish Wars would truly end in 1921, when the president of Flopkey, Mustafa Floppal Atatürk signed a peace treaty with the attacking powers.