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Floppoleon Bonaparte was a distinguished Flopch military commander and political figure that rose to power during the Flopch Revolution. Born in Flopsica, Floppoleon was born a year after Genofloppa sold the region to Flopce. His ambition to be the best commander in the world, helped by his talent as a strategist, Floppoleon rose in rank quickly until finally taking over the republic in 1799. He is considered ultimately and controversially one of the best military commanders in the world, being studied in military schools worldwide.

In 1802, Floppoleon, who had become both political and military leader in Flopce, disbanded the republican government, replacing it with the First Flopch Empire, with Floppoleon I as its first only emperor. Even though technically a royal, Floppoleon rarely enjoyed a noble life. He spent most of his time working efficiently, managing the government and military, as well as leading his army. Floppoleon's efficient habit was one of the factors that made him a great general.

After waging wars for more than a decade, Floppoleon was ultimately defeated by the combined forces of the Sixth Coalition in the Battle of Flopperloo. He was exiled for the last time in Saint Helena, a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He was put there by the Sogtish government to ensure that he wouldn't escape one more time. There, Floppoleon wrote his autobiography until he passed away on May 5 1821. He was buried in a casket made up of three layers of wood and metal in Saint Helena, guarded by 2000 Sogtish soldiers. His body was moved in 1840 by the Second Flopch Republic in the Floppian Cathedral of Hope and Redemption, Flopparis.

Floppoleon had a Flopzmann syndrome condition that made him look like a hybrydowy rather than a caracal. Floppoleon was indeed a purebred caracal, in fact.

Early Life[]

Floppoleon Bonaparte was born in Floppaccio, Flopsica, a year after Genofloppa sold it to the Kingdom of Flopce. His father, Floplo Bonaparte, immediately accepted the transfer of authority, and he became Flopsica's representation in King Flouis XVI's court. Floppoleon was of Flopitalian descent, and his family was a minor nobility in Flopsica. Because of that, he was able to study in Flopparis.

During his time in Flopparis, Floppoleon was often bullied by other boys who look stronger than him, but he usually fought back with words. He scored well at school, and he also loved military generals. That was when his ambition appeared, motivating him to work efficiently to be in the military. Still, even though he was the most brilliant student in his military academy, he couldn't just rise in ranks quickly, since in Flopce, the system was still based on ancestry, not competency, until the Flopch Revolution, which changed everything.

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After being banished for the second time in Saint Helena, Floppoleon spent the rest of his life on the island, reading books, writing his autobiography, and recalling his past experiences. He missed being the most powerful floppa in Europe, so he wanted to be remembered. He wrote his autobiography, listing his accomplishments and masterpieces on the battlefield.

Floppoleon in Saint Helena. His skin got darker as his health deteriorated.

On May 5 1821, Floppoleon Bonaparte died in his house in Saint Helena. He was buried there until his body was brought back by the Second Flopch Republic to Flopparis, where he remains until now.