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The Floppersian-Soggastani War was a conflict that broke out between the Floppersian Empire and Soggastan in 2018, no other countries were involved as most of them were more focused on the much bigger Bingustani War.

It started because Googas II wanted to retake the areas of Floppersia that were lost after the Great Floppa War, he had already fought against the much stronger Republic of Zabloing in 2006 so he was confident that Soggastan (which had been weakened by the creation of Bingustan as well as the current war) would be a easy target.


The Floppersian Empire quickly took back the largely rural provinces ceded to Soggastan in the Treaty of Zabloing, they discovered that due to 100 years of Soggastani rule the area now had large amounts of Soggas. The Floppas in the area generally welcomed the Floppersians way better than the Soggas. Some Soggas formed an organization known as the Sogga Volunteer Force (SVF) which targeted Floppersian Troops and Floppaeda.

The main army of Soggastan was in Bingustan and they had no idea that Floppersia was about to attack so most of their army was really far away from the invading Floppersians, they sent some divisions back to Soggastan but the Bingustanis noticed this and began besieging Servalibad.


The Floppersian Empire and the newly arrived Soggastani troops fought at the battle of Sogval (known as Flopval to the Floppersians), the battle was a Floppersian victory as the Soggastanis were outnumbered and had worse equipment. This defeat made Moammar al-Glopnar, president of Soggastan sign peace with the Floppersians as they did not want to be forced to send the entire army in Bingustan back to fight the Floppersians and risk giving Bingus the chance to invade Soggastan.


Floppersia was given the territories taken from it 100 years ago, making the war a Floppersian victory, but it ended up being a bad thing for the anti-bingustan coalition as the Soggastanis being distracted allowed Bingustan to retake Servalibad during the war.

The SVF continued fighting the Floppersians and were met with harsh opposition, many Soggas were arrested just on the suspicion of supporting the SVF and given life sentences even though they were innocent.