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Flopperinburg is a city right next to Mt. Googas, Floppaslavia. It is located within the Soggenia Province. It is one of the most famous Mt. Googas destinations as well.

Flopperinburg is also the city where Bingus lived after being exiled and also his place of death.


Flopperinburg is the administrative centre of the Soggenia Province, with the governor having an office in the city of Flopperinburg. The Floppaslavian Government also has various military bases around Flopperinburg, installed since 1914 when the Great Floppa War began.


Flopperinburg is situated in west asia, specifically at Mt. Googas. Flopperinburg is to the north of the mountains, on the Floppaslavian side. The city is also bisected by the Googas River, which flows from Mt. Googas itself.

The Lake Flopetskoye and Lake Bingym are both located near the towns of Soggornyy and Bingym.