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floppa lake

The first church of Floppism. Created by Teacher Floue and widely expanded by Teacher Gaeae. Famous people that identify as a Floppaslavian Floppist includes John F. Floppedy and Lil Floppa.

Floppaslavian Floppist Church believes Floppus is the real god, and the Messenger of Floppus is the holiest apostle. The Teachers are considered saints. Those who are not Floppus are respected but not praised.

Floppaslavian Floppist Church used to be the national religion of Floppaslavia until the 1900 reformation, it is still the national religion of the Floppersian Empire however.

The current leader of the church is Father Fioloppe VII.

The church is usually called teh Central Church.

Sex is not banned in the Floppaslavian Floppist Church. lord floppa