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Not to be mistaken with Fogslavia or Soggislavia.

Floppaslavia is the biggest Floppa-majority nation. It is a constitutional monarchy since 1900, officially ruled by a Tsar but the Tsar is little more than a celebrity nowadays. Floppaslavia is located to the northwest of bingustan, northeast of the Floppersian Empire and east of the Republic of Zabloing. The capital is Flopscow. Other notable cities include: Fanterov, Sogzan, and Orkanova.

Floppaslavia is very popular among writers who never actually read the page, and they like adding dumb things about it or things relating to it which completely contradict the actual article.


Floppaslavia is believed to be where the first floppas appeared, roughly 12 million BC. These Floppas later migrated to africa however.

In 1500 BC Floppas returned to the area and began to found settlements and trading posts. Over time these small communities became city states.

In 350 BC the region was conquered by the ancient Floppersian Empire, it's during this time that the region first became known as "Floppaslavia".

After the collapse of the first Floppersian Empire, Floppaslavia briefly went back to being divided amongst various city states, until it was unified by Queen Tiffany I of Flopscow. Tiffany founded the Kingdom of Floppaslavia in 926, which was a regional power during the medieval ages until it's invasion by Googas Khan.

In 725 a series of wars and fights between the First Caliphate of Soggastan, and Floppaslavia began, The wars were long and brutal, and at times the Caliphate got close to defeating the Floppaslavians, however the tide turned after the Battle of Flopsk, which was a major Floppaslavian victory. The Soggas were driven out of Floppaslavia and a buffer state was set up in northern Floppersia.

Googas Khan burned down almost 70% of all pre-invasion infastructure in Floppaslavia. He also personally killed the last king, Zabloingski III during the battle of Fanterov. Floppaslavia remained under the tyrrany of Googas Khan until his death, during the succesion crisis the nobles of Flopscow took advantage of the weakened state of the Googol Empire and revolted. They appointed Grgur I as king of the Second Kingdom of Floppaslavia. After driving out the remaining Googols from their territory Grgor I ordered all possible resources be put towards rebuilding the devastated Floppaslavia, after 50 years Floppaslavia had finally regained it's pre-invasion population numbers. A great wall was build on the eastern border in order to prevent such a devastating invasion from occuring again.

Floppaslavia was amongst the first countries to start utilizing firearms in it's army and it was one of the most technologically advanced countries of the Early Modern period, during this period they fought many wars against the Empire of Zabloing. In 1590 the tsarina, Tiffany III was visited by a Floppersian noble calling himself 'Floopamesh II'. What exactly his real name was isn't known but he called himself that because he wanted to remake Floppersia, which was under Zabloing control at the time. The Floppaslavians gave support to the Floppersians and helped them push Zabloing out of their territory. this marked the beginning of the alliance between Floppaslavia and Floppersia, which still exists today.

When the Soggican Floppist Church split from the Floppaslavian Floppist Church 1698 the Soggicans were declared heretics by Pope Zabloing IV who encouraged the Floppaslavian and Floppersian tsars to outlaw the practice of it in their countries. However the Emperor of Zabloing, who now referred to himself as the 'protector of the Soggicans' (Zabloing had been almost fully converted) objected to this and threatened war if they did not give Zevicans equal rights. The tsars did not do this as they wanted to remain in good favor with the Pope, this resulted in the Second 30 Years War, between Floppaslavia and it's allies and Zabloing and their allies. The war was the deadliest pre-20th century conflict and led to widespread devastation in western Floppaslavia, Northern Floppersia (including New Rinkus) and the total collapse of Zabloing.

In 1926, Floppaslavia underwent a Flonist coup by Nikolai Flachhyov's forces which took over the government. The Floppaslavian Government in response to this founded a half-recognized republic, which held elections that the Flonist Government under the Flonist Party of Floppaslavia won at a percentage of 53%. The Republic was disbanded and the monarchy was brought back, except the Tsar had much less power than the newly-established Head of State.

During the Great Floppa War, Floppaslavia went on to invade Soggastan. They had a hard time pushing into Soggastan as they had a massive amount of trenches. They eventually defeated the Soggastanis and went to the Balkans to help the Floppersians. They however lost with the Treaty of Zabloing happening, the treaty was not too harsh on them because the United Flops believed they could be useful in future conflicts.

Following the start of Operation Bingarossa, Floppaslavia was incredibly unprepared and in just a few weeks, Flopman, Floppanian and Zabloingian forces we're nearing Flopscow. WIP

In 2163, Floppaslavian space station ORKA is launched and is the biggest space station in history.

In 2213, Floppaslavia became a world power.

National Anthem[]

Justice, truth be ours forever Floppaslavia, land we love

For we will march in the right path

Homeland, fair Floppaslavia we thy sons and daughters stand strong and firm in peace or danger, to safeguard our nation land: We commit ourselves to building a true nation, brave and free

Knowlegde send us, Heavenly Floppa, grant us wisdom from above

Valients of Floppaslavia, let us sing with strong feeling and let us show to the world our invincible, glorious banner

To thee our Floppaslavia, heavan of the free, we sing our love to thee, joyously, out fair land of liberty.

Administrative Divisions[]

Before using the governorate system, Floppaslavian provinces were led by dukes or duchess, which were mostly made up of Floppaslavian nobilities. After the State Reformation Act of 1923, the old Duchy province system was dissolved, and replaced by the governorate system we know today.

  • Soggenia (capital Flopperinburg), most populated province
  • Flopuzhan-Bovski (capital Flopuzhan)
  • Fanterov (capital Fanterov)
  • Greater Flopscow (capital Flopskova)
  • Autonomous District of Flopscow (capital Flopscow), capital district
  • Flopperm (capital Flopenburg)
  • Floppastrakhan (capital Floppastrakhan)
  • Flopyabinsk (capital Orkanova)
  • Autonomous District of Bimngsk (capital Bimngsk), buffer zone with Bingustan populated by sphynxes
  • Autonomous District of South Mt. Googas (capital Bingskek), gotten from Bingustan in Treaty of Flopscow


Floppaslavia is 86% Floppas, 5% Soggas, 1% African Golden Cats and 2% Humans,6% cats

The majority religion is Floppism, at 90%, other religions include: Orthodox Christianity: 5%, Zoroastrianism (mostly among the Soggas) 2%, Tengrism 1%, Buddhism 1% and Bingusism 1%.


Floppaslavia is the birthplace of the Floppism religion.

sex is not outlawed in Floppaslavia, as it is only banned in the Gaeae Floppist Church.