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This is a recreation of an older wiki that due to being abandoned by its owner as well as admins some of us in the community decided to create to uphold order, as you know the wiki is dedicated to a interet meme based around a russian cat, Big Floppa(duh).

1,092 articles • 1,432 files • 14,252 edits

Big Floppa

The flop himself.

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Vladimir Bingus

The foreskin dictator.

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Sogga Glopnar

Sweet sweet rapper.

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Countries of the Floppaverse

Countries in the Floppaverse.

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These rules must be abided by all users, failing to do so will result in a punishment deemed appropriate by the admin team. The FANDOM community guidelines also apply to this wiki.

  1. Dont ruin other peoples work. By this we mean edit their pages to something random when it had legit lore writing put into it.
  2. Be aware of the canon storyline AKA the Floppaverse Timeline. There is a certain canon storyline that many pages contribute to, if your page happens to contradict already established parts of the story it will be marked with the "non-canon" category (PS: Bitching about receiving the non-canon category is a no-go and trying to remove it may result in your page being locked, there was a case like this in the past so its best to mention now)
  3. Don't be a dickhead in general. Use your common sense.
  4. Try to keep a level of quality when writing new pages. If a page is just made up of a few sentences, is the same word repeated over and over again, is a non-cohesive blob of text, or is just made up of images in relation to nothing it will be considered low quality and will be subject to deletion. The page will be a subject of deletion after 7 days, and after 30 days it will be deleted. The exception to this is the "Jokes" category and the "This could be a very avant garde web series" page.
  5. Vandalism is not allowed and will most likely be met with a ban
  6. Please efrain from trying to bring heavy politics into the wiki. Often times the cause of disputes are 2 people clashing over real world politics that have nothing to do with Big Floppa. We are also aware that there already are a few pages that are political but those pages have been carried over from the old wiki and are a part of the established lore at this point. Basically, don't push your agenda on the wiki.
  7. Please do not make duplicate pages or pages that have similar or the same topic. We don't need 6 different DaBaby pages. (literally 1984)
  8. Try to be original. Do not copy and paste a page from a different wiki and try to keep your originality at a good level.
  9. Please only make pages on feline species. If you do end up making a non-cat species or character then it will be deleted unless the article gains traction in one the categories its in (this category must have more then eight articles). However, Cheems and Cheems Gate related things are an exception.
  10. Any depiction of harm towards animals is not accepted on the wiki. Unless it is a fictional image (art, photoshop etc.), it will still be allowed. However, any hyper realistic variants are also not accepted.
  11. Please abide by all of Fandom's TOS.
  12. Characters which are OP require mod approval. If they are not approved, they are to be nerfed.
  13. WIP pages are to be deleted if they are not finished within 14 (fourteen) days or around 2 (two) weeks. If the page is high-quality enough, it will be exempt from this rule and its WIP time extended.
  14. Suspensions will be handed out to people who say disrespectful comments that crosses the line. This means saying things like racial slurs or slurs in general, or telling some to "commit suicide". These situations can result in 2 week bans or possible permanent bans.
  15. The add-ons of a page cannot be made non-canon by their creator without a valid reason. you can't just say "i don't like that so its non-canon", this means that if someone adds onto your article, you can't make it non-canon because you "don't like it". Only if it actually contradicts lore can it be made non-canon.
  16. Banners with pictures of 1: gore 2: terrorist attacks or any sort of thing mods see as bannable will not be taken lightly and can result in a ban, these banners can cause the wiki to be taken down.
  17. Amogus
  1. Do not abuse your power over the wiki
  2. If a dispute come up between 2 or more mods, try to resolve it peacefully
  3. Listen to what the members say and act accordingly

These rules may change at any time depending on events that occur in the wiki...


Please read following guidelines before creating pages!

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Created: 2020

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The Biggest Wiki Dedicated to Big Floppa!

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