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Floppania is a country in the northern balkan. It is known for having rough relationships with the Republic of Zabloing (because of Flopdova) and for owning a land which holds one of the biggest mountains in Floppeurope. The President is Klaus Floppanis, with his Prime Minister being Flopin Cîțu.


Floppania's borders are mostly decided by the river Prut. This is because of when in 1942 when the Republic of Zabloing went into war with Floppania they were stopped at the river because of the massive amount of fortitfications built around it.

Most of Floppania is covered by mountains and plains. The mountains are the Carpathian Mountains that decided the borders of the Hungarian Empire.


The history of Floppania began when the Slavic Tribes fell and the Kingdom of Wallachia got formed. Wallachia however got annexed under Ottoflop rule.

In 1399 Ottoflop armies marched to the north and annexed the Region of Flopdavia which the Zabloingians did not annex yet. In 1859 Floppanian revolts began to take down the Ottoflop rule over Floppania which we're succesful and the Kingdom of Floppania was proclaimed.

In 1914, Floppersia went to Floppania and offered them majority of Flopdavian lands if Floppania joins them so they can send their troops through Floppania to fight Soggia, which Floppania accepted. In 1918, the Treaty of Zabloing instead of ceding it to Floppania, made the promised territories indenpendent, which then made an union with Floppania on December 2nd.

Also in 1918, Floppania got in a conflict between Hungary due to Transylvania. The conflict ended in 1945 although it did some small damage for both countries, Floppania got all of Transylvania in the end though. Also during the conflict the Republic of Zabloing invaded Floppania and captured Flopdova, they only stopped once they arrived to the river Prut which the Floppanians build fortifications around. Floppania had surrendered though and that lead to Flopdova being annexed.

On December 7th, 1945 the Floppanian Republic got proclaimed.