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The Floppa-Sogga Genocide was an ongoing series of murder, forced shaving and cultural cleansing going on in the Soviet Republic of Bingustan after Vladimir Bingus' rebellion.


The area of 'Bingustan' originally had a mixed population of Floppas, Soggas and Binguses.

In 2010 the proletariat of Bingustan launched an open revolt led by Vladimir Bingus, Bingus wanted to create a communist union of Binguses, and he saw other ethnic groups as means of dividing the Bingustani population.

In 2014, President Bingus ordered that all Floppas and Soggas that are suitable for conversion be shaved bald and sent to re-education camps. The ones that were deemed "unsalvageble" were outright murdered.

International Reaction[]

Once news of the Floppa-Sogga Genocide reached the wider world, almost every other country placed sanctions on Bingustan.

Many assassination attempts on Vladimir Bingus were attempted but none succeeded.

Bingustani Concentration Camps are a common target for Floppaeda terrorists who often recruit the more physically fit prisoners into their group.


After the 2029 Revolution, Bingus Yeltsin pardoned all Floppas and Soggas that were being looked for in Bingustan and stopped the orders of killing innocent people. Yeltsin also arrested anyone who ordered the Bingustani Military to kill Floppas and Soggas.


Though discredited by most major governments, notable Floppian, Soggian, and Bingustanian anthropologists believe that this genocide was entirely fabricated, designed by Big Floppa and Mad Drip floppa as a means of destabilizing the government of Bingustan to ensure that a successful socialist republic could not be established. Though publicly denying it. The theory was proven false after Doctor Cat returned from Bingustan with pictures of dead Floppas and Soggas in concetration camps, but many of those who believed in the conspiracy said that the pictures were faked.