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Floponic proct-oxium, also known as floppa gas, or flankum, is an illicit substance commonly used for recreational purposes. After its discovery, this drug has become one of the most prominent and illegal substances ever made. The street price of floppa gas is about 500 flops per cubic floop.


Floppa gas was discovered in 1997 after Big Floppa had a big bean burrito from Taco Bell. The chef who had prepared Gregory's delicious and greasy meal had purposefully put his fungus-covered feet in the lettuce used in the burrito. This led to Big Floppa getting extremely sick. After being led to the hospital, Floppa started letting out voluptuously smelly and wet farts out of his butt. The hospital was soon filled with his love-clouds, affecting all of the patients and medical professionals. All of those in the hospital started experiencing extremely euphoric and incapacitating symptoms, unable to evacuate. As Floppa stopped pumping out his wonderful braps, and the effects had worn off, samples were taken of the gas and tested. A few confusing weeks later, scientists figured out the chemical structure of the gas molecules, and put together a synthetization process. The chef involved in 'The Foot Lettuce Incident was sentenced to the 15th spot on death row.


Soon after it's discovery, floppa gas was outlawed and set as a Schedule 0 drug. It was known for a long time that there was a black market for flankum, due to its quantity. Large Investigations began focused on finding the source of all of this gas. In 2020, the kingpin was discovered: Bingustavo Fring. Fring was caught selling floppa gas through his restaurant, Taco Bell. It is suspected that he knew of Floppa's secret powers to produce this drug, and set up the 'The Foot Lettuce Incident'. It is theorized that Floppa was helping Fring, for a cut of his massive profit. Although Fring's business was cut short by Floppa's death, and his arrest, floppa gas is still common in the streets. The investigations are ongoing.

Effects on health

While on floppa gas, users feel extreme pleasure, and an immense urge to ball. While the effects differ between people, anyone who takes floppa gas, starts subconsciously listening to Big Floppa songs. Effects can last up to 12 hours. Users feel side-effects of incapacitation or 'going floppy' if too much is taken. Withdrawals include feelings of headaches, 'flopping fo no hoes', and possibly death; these withdrawals get worse and worse the more flankum is inhaled. Floppa gas is extremely addictive and often times leads to poverty, debt, imprisonment, and death.

Source and production

Originally, floppa gas was produced from Big Floppa's sloppy ploppies. After Big Floppa's death, Lil' Wrinkle was bribed into synthesizing it for mass production. The recipe for flankum is unknown however it involves a special fungus and a lot of floppa farts. It is very hard to ship because of national security so the appearance of the containers are variable. Floppa gas is also found naturally, in outer space. In Fio, a moon of Jupeter, are large volcanoes that spew out lava and floppa gas.