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The Floppa Crips Gang is a gang created by Crip Floppa, it was created in response to Big Floppa's Floppa Clan.

The purpose of the Floppa Crips Gang is to derail whatever the Floppa Clan is currently trying to accomplish by whatever means necessary, this includes giving funding to countries like Bingustan despite the Bingustani government not being that fond of Crip Floppa either, they stopped funding after the new democratic government made an allience with Floppa Clan.

The Floppa Crips Gang has bases in Miami (the capital), Detroit, Los Flopeles, New Rinkus, Flopscow, Sphynxopolis (this one's more of an embassy), An island near Soggapore, Flopdon, Mt. Googas and Felhi.

Floppa Crips has a fortress in northeast Detroit, guarded by 50 soldiers and 50+ artillery pieces.

Attack by Floppa Clan[]

On november 27th Floppa Crips Gang suffered the biggest attack in Floppa Clan history. The attack was bad for the gang as they suffered heavy losses and wasted almost all of their ammo. This was good news for Mad Drip as Big Floppa got killed and if Floppa Crips Gang gets decline in supplies and army they can attack them and take them out for good.

The attack is still being planned. Both sides are getting ready, taking intel from each other and setting up security defenses.


On March 23rd, 2021, the attack commenced which was a massive sucess. Crip Floppa was found and executed the next day. After Crip Floppa's death, the organization with no coordination becomes unstable and other bases started operating independently. Today, Floppa Crips Gang exists but is highly unstable with highly limited control over it's bases and no leadership.