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'Notice of Distressing and or Shocking Content (NDSC)"
This warning is meant to say that there are some "touchy" subjects that may actually pose a threat in real life, or just frightening subjects in general, which are possibly distressing and or shocking content, and is not meant for the faint of heart. We are not endorsing this subject in any form, and we are just parodying it in a friendly manner.

Reason: Depictions of gang violence, mass genocide, self-harm, suicide, and gang wars.


The Floppa Clan is an independent, registered, and law-immune mafia-like organization founded by Big Floppa in response to the Floppa Sogga Genocide that occurred in Bingustan. Their primary goal is to rebuild the future to floppas and soggas after the incident and bring Bingus to justice. The Floppa Clan is the biggest gang in the world, with backings by the UF government, but it is closed, and members could only join with approval by Big Floppa himself.

The Floppa Clan was founded in 2014 by Big Floppa and his friends. It was established primarily to combat Bingus, who committed the controversial Floppa Sogga Genocide, which upsets most of the world. The Floppa Clan has participated in many military operations, mainly against Bingus or the rival gang Floppa Crips Gang. The Floppa Clan also has legal and military backings by the UF government, with them supplying guns and ammunition, as well as helping the Floppa Clan secure Detroit. According to an interview, the founding was also inspired by Filips, the former leader of the infamous Flop Manter Gang.


The clan was founded by 6 core members. Big Floppa, the director of the group, Mad Drip, who's in charge of re-creating agriculture to feed the masses, Big floppa's father, who was working on a solid economic infrastructure to keep the clan going,commander Floomp who was put in charge of the Military Branch to keep security in Clan territory while dealing with the Bingustani army and Gargantious Floppa who handles the economics of the clan and finally carlos rf who is very based. Together they hold directorate meetings in which they discuss the future of the clan.


The Floppa Clan Military Branch follows the traditional US power structure (Private -> Corporal -> Sergeant -> Lieutenant -> Captain -> Major -> Colonel -> General) with the highest rank being "Commander". They are trained from a young age to fight the Bingustan army while protecting Floppakind. they can commonly be seen in patrols around the bingustan borders or in checkpoints at areas controlled by the Clan.

In 2029 they began planning a campaign to either capture or convince several semi-mythical creatures to join the Floppa Clan, they would prefer to have them join willingly but in some cases such as with the Longcat communication is just not possible. In cases like this, they'll have to capture it with force.

Creatures of high interest to the Floppa Clan include: The Floppyetis, The Cursed ones, Foo, and The Hand. They plan on capturing the first three, but having The Hand eaten by Big Floppa II, as it is uncontrollable.

The Giant Floppas and Longcat were previously on this list, but the Giant Floppas willingly joined and the Longcat was captured.

Floppa Clan has an airforce (FCAF) led by Young Choppa.

Floppa Clan has several military facilities around the world, mostly in Detroit considering it's the most dangerous place in the world. Following are the facilities:

  • Floppa Clan Fortress, located southwest Detroit near Little Soggatown. There are around 50 Floppa Clan soldiers there and is armed with 100+ heavy machine guns and 50+ artillery pieces to bombard Floppa Crips Fortress on the opposite side.
  • Floppa Clan Airbase, located right beside the fortress where supplies for the fortress came from. There are also numerous jet fighters in the airbase's hangars given by the UF military and is the home of FCAF.
  • Floppa Clan Minefield, located near the 63rd Street Floppa Clan laid down dozens of mines to prevent Floppa Crips to invade the fortress. Instead of killing Floppa Crips soldiers the mines killed 60 civilians everyday.
  • Floppa Clan Bioweapon Research Facility, located under the fortress. This is where Sus Floppa is made as a bioweapon for the Floppa Clan and as the rival of Sus Bingus.


The economy of the Floppa Clan revolves around a trade system (supplies for supplies). In the event that they have an oversupply of food they export it in exchange for ammunition or Flops. this economy is a core part of their structure and has kept them alive over the years.


The agricultural branch of the Floppa clan was one of the most important to establish at the beginning of the group due to the masses of refugees after the incident. They needed a way to quickly aid the survivors with food, water and shelter. Mad Drip, now in charge of the Agriculture branch, began setting up crop fields and water purifiers(thanks to help from the research team working directly under Big Floppa.).

Culture and religion[]

Most members of the Floppa Clan follow the religious ideology of Floppism. Pope Soggius II expands on the ideals of Floppism in his dialogue, as for their culture, they commonly say the phrase "flop fo no hoe" as a way of saluting or showing respect to higher rank members of the clan. In Floppism, the Caracals killed in the Floppa-Sogga genocide are seen as martyrs and their graves are considered a Sacred Object in Floppism. After 2019 the reverence of Big Floppa increased dramatically, with it almost evolving into worship. The clan members deny that this is against any religious teachings.


The leadership of the Floppa clan has been fractured several times, after the death of Big Floppa not all members could agree on who should be put in position of leader, often forming sub-factions within the clan, in the end, the one with the most influence always won.

Here you can see a list of the leaders of the Floppa Clan up until now:

  1. Big Floppa (2010-2019)
  2. mazzi (ruled for like a month before being mauled by toddlers)
  3. Lil Floppa (in place of Big Floppa's doppelganger )(2019-2020)
  4. Mad Drip Floppa (2020-2029)
  5. Big Floppa II (2029 - ???)


Floppa Clan has been a registered political party ever since Big Floppa announced it in 2019. One of the biggest politicians from the Floppa Clan is Choppa Floppa whom is a senator from Flopnois serving in the Floppa Congress. The Floppa Clan's political fame skyrocketed when Joe Bingus endorsed it lately.

Mad Drip considered participating in the 2024 election, but after Joe Bingus's terrible speech where he accidentally said floppa with a hard R he decided to defend Joe and fully back him, as he did not want to split pro-floppa clan vote. The opposing party wanted to defund the Floppa Clan so it was crucial that Joe won.

He later ran in the 2028 election but unfortunately lost.

Here is a list of Floppa Clan members whom are politicians:

  • Mike, Senator from Florida, Assistant Leader of the Congress
  • Father Fioloppe VII, Head of the Floppist Church Worldwide, Representative from Texas in the House of Representatives.
  • Mad Drip Floppa, presidential candidate in 2028, planning on running again in 2032.

Actual Goal[]

While the statement at the top is indeed one of their main goals, the way they plan on achieving that is not what most people think it is. What they really want is to have the whole world under control of the clan, allowing for peace and prosperity for all Floppa-like species (includes all species descended from the original caracal ancestor, including Soggas).

It's not a goal they plan on achieving through violence (although if necessary that will have to be used, such as in communist Bingustan), but rather through diplomacy. This is the reason they dislike when Bingustan has ethnic camps but don't care about things like the UF Bingus Re-Education Camp. It's also the reason the Giant Floppas willingly joined the clan as they only stood to gain from it due to being members of the wider Floppa species.

In 2029 when Joe Bingus stepped down as president they lost their funding from the UF, so they 'coincidentally' began looking for other ways to gain power.

Tensions with P.P.O[]

After Floppa Clan shot down a Bingustralian ship, tensions between them have started. Due to this, a threat has emerged that could cost the entire clan. The Pacific Peace Organization.

With Bingustralia being a founding member of the organization. Floppa Clan is on the verge of breaking into endless war between the organization. Mad Drip has no plans for redeeming themselves to the organization, despite it having the power to break the whole clan.

The Pacific Peace Organization and Floppa Clan are on bad terms as of now. The organization has made a plan that if Mad Drip becomes president of America, the organization would cut their ties with America entirely.