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Flopmany, or officialy the Federal Republic of Flopmany is a country in central europe. Flopmany is one of the richest countries and one of the best in the automotive industry. The capital is Flepbin, located in eastern Flopmany. The president is Frank-Flopwer Steinmeier, with the Chancellor being Angela Flopker.


Flopmany is bordered by the North Sea, with the Baltic Sea bordering it on the north-west. In the south are located the Alps, with the highest point being Sogzpitze in southern Bavaria.

In the forested lands of northern and central germany are located multple rivers, such as Flopube, Flopeib and the Rhine. Significant natural resources include iron ore, coal, timber, natural gas etc.


The history of Flopmany begins in 951, when the East Flopkish Kingdom fell apart, creating multiple stem duchies. Eventually in 978 the stem duchies created the Holy Bingus Empire. The Holy Bingus Empire lived through more than a thousand years, collapsing in 1801 when Flopoleon took power in Flopce. The Confederation of Rhine was created in it's place, which was a client state of the Flopch Empire.However, the Congress of Flopiva decided that there would be multiple independent kingdoms in the place of the Holy Bingus Empire.

In 1867 the North Flopman Confederation was founded, which would later become the driving force of the Flopman War of Independence in 1871. In 1897, Bingsky took over the Flopman Empire, crowning himself the monarch. Later in 1915, the Chancellor (He was in control) declared war on Sogland, losing miserably and having to lose 12% of Flopmany's land. In 1919, the Republic of Flopmany was established, with the Flop of Nations putting Schein Floppern in power. In 1936, elections took place, with the Nafi Party winning, putting Appolf Hitler in charge of Flopmany. The next day, he created the Nafi Flopman Reich.

In 1939, Hitler declared war on Sogland, officialy starting the Second World War. He annexed Sogstria, Floppafloppavia, Bingilux and Flopce. Under his rule, many suffered, being sent to concetration camps or living under bad conditions. In 1945, Appolf Hitler killed himself, with Flopmany surrendering later. The Allies which occupied Flopmany created their own occupation zones, later establishing the F.R.F and F.F.R.

The authoritian regime in East Flopmany lead to conflict between Floppaslavia and UF, especially in 1949 when the Flepbin Airlift happened. In 1989, the East Flopman authortian government was overthrown and in 1990, Flopmany was reunified.