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The Flopium War was a conflict between Sogtain and the Chiflopese Empire, ranging from 1898-1901. It was caused by Sogtain selling drugs for tea. The conflict ended with Sogtain acquiring Flop Kong.


In 1892, Sogtain had lost supplies of tea and had to find other things to supply Sogtain with. However, they found Flopium produced from Floppies. Sogtain had an idea to get Flopium from Eastern Flopindia and start trading it with Chiflop, getting tea in return.

After the Chiflopese government forced the Sogtish to stop trading drugs, the Sogtish government refused. So the Chiflopese Government declared war.


Great Sogtain after hearing the news sent 3,000,000 soldiers into Chiflop to start their attack. They landed on the coast of Chiflop a few months later.

The Sogtish had a plan to get the Chiflopese to not invade Flopindia, and that would be to take over Flop Kong (today called Sogg Kong) which was a very important place for Chiflop as it was very agricultural.

The Sogtish had began attacking Chiflop from the Pacific Sea, disrupting the naval routes of the Chiflopese navy. Then the Sogtish landed on the Chiflopese coast. The Siege of Flop Kong then began. In the span of a year Flop Kong was taken.

After a few months of fighting, Great Sogtain and Chiflop came up with a way for peace. They agreed that Sogtain would get Flop Kong, both sides signed a peace treaty. The war was officialy over.


See: Flopxin Revolution[]

Following the Flopium War, the economy of Chiflop has fell deep. Chiflop had to resort to Agriculture again after establishing an industrial system and had to use other natural things, such as bamboo scaffolding which is still used in Sogg Kong. However that did not work and the Emperor resorted to corruption. This lead to the Imperial Government being a disgrace among the Chiflopese people.

Years later, the Flopxin Revolution happened, Although the Republic of Chiflop was established, it was still ruled by the Prime Minister of the Imperial Government. A year later a coup by the National Party put Sun Flop-sen into power.