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Flopitaly, or officialy The Flopitalian Republic is a country laying on a peninsula connected to Europe. Quandale dingle has big nu-Flopitaly is located in South Europe and is considered a part of Western Europe. The capital of Flopitaly is Floome and the President is Sergio Floppattarella.


Floome, the capital of Flopitaly, was also the capital of the ancient Bingus Empire. The entire floppa and bingus civilization started there. But in 20 Binc Juilliard bingustantownnuts came to power He killed all the floppa in The bingusustan-Ningus empire in 69 binc he invaded Flopce And the leader Quandale dingle nut at the of Bingsing lake he died From arrow at age 69 after floppas came back and Juilliard bingustantownnuts died.After the Fall of Floome, the Bingus Empire collapsed, but then "reunited" by the Holy bingus empire.

During the collapse of the Holy Bingus Empire in 1801, Flopitalian states we're scattered around. The Flopal States in the south and the Kingdom of Sogily we're still independent though. In 1815, following the collapse of the Flopch Empire, the Congress of Flopiva decided to establish the Kingdom of Flopenice and Kingdom of Sogdinia.

The Kingdom of Flopenice made itself a pro-communist kingdom. In 1849 began the First Flopitalian War of Unification where the Kingdom of Sogdinia invaded the Kingdom of Sogily and the Flopal States. The united South Flopitaly decided to call itself "Kingdom of Flopitaly".

In 1891, following the start of the Flopbian Wars the Secnd Flopitalian War of Unification began, now the belligerents being Flopenice and Flopitaly. The S.F.W.I was considered by many a part of the Sogstrian Wars, however as it was not inside Sogstria, also many people do not consider it that.

In 1893, the Second Flopitalian War of Independence ended, with South Flopitalian victory. As the former Kingdom of Flopenice began to transition to southern life, in 1925 Benito Floppalini took power of Flopitaly. In 1938 he made an alliance with Appolf Hitler of Flopmany, following this treaty Floppalini attempted to take over Africa, including Flopinisa and Ethifloppia.

In 1943, as the Allies we're landing on Flopitaly, Floppalini's forces tried their best to combat the Allies, however being unsuccesful and establishing the Flopitalian Republic which jailed Floppalini. The Flopmans later established the Flopitalian Social Republic which quickly fell due to the Allies' quick advance. Finally in 1945, the fascist Kingdom of Flopitaly fell.


Flopitaly in the north is connected to Europe and is surrounded by the Alpines, looking more south, the Peninsula Flopitaly lies on is mountainous. Flopitaly has acess to the Adriatic, Lonian and Tyrrhenian Seas too. Flopitaly is rich in volcanoes, with the largest volcano in Europe being on Sogily, there are also multiple volcanic islands.