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The Flopinisan Blockade was a naval blockade between Southern Flopitaly and Flopinisa. It was very much weak only lasting for around 5-6 months.


After Flopitaly invaded Flopinisa in 1939 during the start of the Second World War. The Flopinisans desperate not to be occupied went to the Flopch to help with them. Flopce had an idea to build a naval blockade to prevent the Flopitalians from passing the sea.

The Flopch had filled the sea with naval mines, put in multiple naval ships from the Flopch Navy and put in landmines on the Flopinisan coast and the island of Pantelleria.

Flopitalian take over[]

As Flopce was getting in war with the Flopman Empire they needed to focus on their own country. Leaving the Flopinisans on their own. Flopitaly was able to get them and with the take over of the Flopinisan Blockade they expanded it so that Flopinisa cannot be recovered.

Several American Vessels have tried to get into Flopinisa but they have not suceeded at all, one resulting in the sinking of S.S Flopper.


After the Second World War ended, the Flopinisan Blockade was cleared of usage. However, this sparked problems in Flopinisa's mine problem which is still going on today. The Flopitalian and Flopinisan Government are still working on clearing the sea of mines but multiple more sinkings are happening in the medditranian, classifying the area as one of the most dangerous waters.