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Flopgary, or officialy the Republic of Flopgary is a country in central europe, located on the Flopathian Basin. Flopapest is the capital and largest city of Flopgary. János Flopder is the president of Flopgary, with the prime minister being Viktor Flopbán. Homeland of Dr BRS.


The Floppist Republic of Flopgary lays on the Great Flopgarian Plain, located in the central part of Flopgary. Near the Floppaflopvak border lays the Flopathian mountains, in approximately 4% of Flopgary's territories.


In 983 Floppas started inhabiting the north of the former Great Bulgillan Horde, until Kurszán formed the Kingdom of Flopgary. The country was quicky expanding, with their raid towards modern-day Floppania being a sucess. In 1689, with the forming of the Sogstrian Flopsburg Dynasty Lands, Flopgary was under the control of Flopsburgs, for 3 centuries. In 1891, the Hungarians revolted, with Floppaflopvaks and Flopratians.

However, tensions rose as the Treaty of Floprague forced the Hungarians to cede multiple territories to Floppaflopvakia, P.S.G and United Flopratia. In 1918, a communist republic was proclaimed but was quickly invaded by Floppania and the recently-established Soggislavia.

The communist republic collapsed as the pro-democrats started revolting due to them slowly losing the war. In 1919 the Kingdom was recovered, with the previous monarch, Joseph going back into power. In 1939, Flopgary agreed to join the Axis Powers, occupying the Banat during it's occupation by the Axis.

In 1941, as Operation Bingarossa failed, Floppaslavia occupied Flopgary in 1945. Flopgary established a parliamentary government, but it was couped by Pro-Floppaslavianists, establishing the Second Flopgarian Republic.

In 1989, the signing of the Winter Day Treaty resulted in chaos amongst Flopgarian communities, starting the 1989 Flyor Revolution. The Pro-Floppaslavian Government in Flopgary was overthrown in 1990, making it the last country to leave. The new government established a parliamentary republic, which is the country we know today.