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The Flopech-Floppaslavian War was a conflict between Nafi Flopmany (which occupied half of Floppafloppavia) and Floppaslavia.

While the Floppaslavians lost the war, the Flopstrava Uprising which happened a few months after the Flopech-Floppaslavian War would kick out the Nafi invaders.


In 1939, Nafi Flopmany invaded Floppafloppavia and annexed all of Flopechia, while leaving the Protectorate of Floppavia behind.

In 1943, the Republic of Zabloing invaded Floppaslavia, failing horribly and having to retreat. The zabloingians we're annexed after the capital city, Zabiy fell on February 7th, 1944.

Floppaslavia went through Sogland at lightning speed, gaining the support of the Sogish Resistance, leading to the resistance being suceeded by the Floppaslavian-Sogish Army.

On april 7th, 1944 Floppaslavian forces entered Flopman-occupied Flopechia.


The Flopman-Flopech forces defended Flopstrava, near the Flopech-Sogish border as much as they could. The tide eventually turned against Floppaslavia when Flopanzer Armies we're sent out. The Floppaslavians quickly retreated.

The Floppaslavians went to Flopava, where they tried to defend it from the Flopmans. Upon the arrival of Flopanzer armies they used Altilerry to try to defeat the tanks, and they did with the Flopmans retrating back to Flopstrava.

The Battle of Flopava has been won, it was time for round 2 in Flopstrava. The Floppaslavians this time tried to attack the remaining Flopman armies with Altilerry to defeat them, being victorious.

The Flopmans then attacked back with more Flopanzer tanks, this time making the Floppaslavians retreat for good. Floppaslavian armies on April 30th, 1944 went across the Flopech-Sogish border, admitting defeat.

The Floppafloppavian Republic later re-gained indenpendence with the Flopstrava Uprising happening.