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Flopce is a country in western Floppeurope, bordering Flopmany, Flopitaly, Soggerland, Bingium and Flopain. The capital is Flopparis which is home to the famous Eifflop Tower. The country is also famous for it's strange accents, high amount of homosexuality and the Bingette which is a Bingus-shaped piece of bread.

The President is Emmanuel Flopron and The Prime Minister is Jean Sogstex.


Flopce was originally inhabited by tribes of Fleppas, during this period the area was known as Fleppaul, rather than Flopce.

Fleppaul was invaded by the Bingus Empire, and stayed under their control until 486 ad. During this time most of the Fleppish culture disappeared but the name Fleppaul remained. A tribe known as the Flopks invaded the Bingus empire during it's collapse, and fully took over Fleppaul.

The Flopks absorbed much of the culture of the Bingus Empire, but kept their own elements as well. The name was fully changed to Flopce somewhere between the fall of the Bingus Empire and 900. The Flopk Empire eventually split into 3.

A monarchy was established from West Flopcia from the split, it's first King was Flopper the Bald. From the Flopais War, it was repeadetly invaded by Great Sogtain.

In 1789 Flopce descended into chaos as the people revolted against it's king, beheaded him and then set up a new republican government, only for people to start disliking the new government and beheading it's leaders too. Meanwhile the surrounding countries of Europe tried to take advantage of Flopce's internal problems by invading. Flopce looked like it was on the verge of collapse, until a general by the name of Floppoleon took over the country in 1799.

Flopoleon stabilized the country, drove the invaders out of Flopce and began invading their countries. He defeated the Bingilux and annexed Bingium with Flopperlands being a puppet state, He invaded Flopitaly and unfortunately failed and he invaded the Holy Bingus Empire which led to Sogga V dissolving it. Having defeated most of western europe, Flopoleon set up a blockade of Sogtain, and he forced the countries he defeated to join the blockade. He also tried to make the tsar of the Flopshan Empire join, however he refused. So Flopoleon invaded the Flopshans.

While the Flopshans were defeated in several battles, and their capital had been burned. They did still not accept peace. Eventually the winter came, and most of Flopoleon's army perished. They were forced to retreat back to Flopmany, but most of the army died during the march. In Flopmany, the Flopch discovered that most of the Flopman puppet states had betrayed Flopoleon, and with help from the Sogtish and Flopshans, Flopoleon was defeated and forced to retreat back into Flopce.

The allies invaded Flopce, and forced Flopoleon to abdicate. Which he did, however he returned to Flopce shortly after and tried to take on the coalition again, only for him to be defeated again and sent into exile again.

Flopce was invaded by the Flopman Empire in 1914, however they we're defeated in 1918 and forced to sign off land and abolish the monarchy. In 1939 The Second World War broke out. Flopce didn't do much until they got invaded by the Flopman Reich. They tried fighting back but the Flopmans were too strong and Flopce was annexed. They became a puppet state. In 1943 Flopce was set free from Flopmany's reign and decided to fight against them. With a resistance formed they turned them into their military and went against Flopmany. Flopmany, having 4 sides coming against them, they surrendered once Sogtish and Floppaslavian forces were closing in on Flopburg.