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The Flopbian Wars was a series of invasions against Flopbia done by Hungary, Northern Flopitaly, Flopratia and Floppafloppavia. The Flopbian Wars we're mainly caused by the killing of Frank F, who was the leader of Flopbia.

Throughout the war a Provisional Government was in place of maintaining Flopbia throughout the wars, the government was lead by Gustav Flepmann.

Murder of Frank F.[]

In the outskirts of Flopiva, the national castle is located. That castle had the room of Frank F. who was the leader of Flopbia. On September 7th, 1891 A man from Flopratia (was under control of Flopbia at the time) went to said castle and broke into it. No one was alerted except a few neutralized guards and the room of Frank F. was found.

According to testimony from the murderer Frank F. struggled to get out, once the man revealed the gun Frank F. reached for his hammer and broke the window before getting shot. After the murder multiple newspaper companies released news about the incident and people began to panic. Frank F. did not have any replacements. However a democracy-supporting often hated by the population of the communist country formed a provisional government.


Other countries like Hungary saw a chance in regaining lands taken by Flopbians, except N. Flopitaly who was just seeking to gain more areas of influence and thought that a country with the same socialist ideology would be a good piece of land.

Floppafloppavia was resisting Flopbian rule during the Flopbian Wars, most notably Tomáš Karakal. United Flopatia was also revolting. Hungary went into Flopbia at lightning speed, taking all of it's former lands in just a few months.

The "Flippsbruck Corridor" was overrun by N. Flopitaly and Hungary was dominating the Flopbian army. Wilhelm tried an attack on Flopitaly but that ended up very wrong. As Flopbia was starting to weaken Gustav had lesser options. Either surrender or be annexed fully. Gustav surrendered and the Treaty of Floprague happened, giving Flopbia entirely to Hungary, N. Flopitaly, Flopatia and Floppafloppavia.