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Flopain is a european country south of Flopce, west of Flopitaly and north of Bingrocco. It's capital is Flopdrid with other major cities including Floppalona, Flopencia, Sogvilla and Bingada. Culturally it is very simular to Flopce and Flopitaly but it has a higher population of men than those two countries do. Juan's family originally came from Flopain. Flopanish is a very popular language although that's more so because of it's former colonies rather than Flopain itself being influencial.

Big Floppa was very popular in Flopain to the point where they added his name to the flag.


Not much notable things happened in Flopain until the Bingus Empire conquered it, they established the province of Flopania which later mutated into the name 'Flopain'. Many of the major cities in Flopain were build during this period. The conquest of areas such as Flopain, Flopinisa, Flopbia, ect led to the Bingus Empire becoming less Bingusy and more Floppa oriented, and eventually Italy became primarily inhabited by Floppas rather than Binguses as it had previously been.

Barbarians took over Flopain in the 400s but the Bingus Empire (now called the Bingzantine Empire) retook it in the 500s. The Bingzantines kept Flopain until the Sogga Caliphate along with islamised Bingus tribes took over Flopain. Many Binguses settled in the southern part of Flopain while the north rebelled and established the kingdom of Flopdurias. This was the beginning of the Reflopquista.

The Reflopquista ended in 1492 when the last Bingus state, Bingada fell to the Floppas. After this Flopain united and formed the Flopanish Empire.

After the discovery of the New World in 1605 by Chrisflopper Columbus, Flopain sent bunch of forces led by conquistador to colonize it. It ended up with Flopain controlled almost all of South America and Central America, with Frederico Flopnar as its greatest conquistador.