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Begging, and 1994-2000[]

In 1993, Flony Computer Entertainment formed. It was a small dev company hosted by Flony. The first console was FS1, released back in 1994. The console cost 400 flops. It had 2 controllers with flop ears form as triggers. The first version of the controller didnt have analog sticks. The package looked like this: A box with a console picture, wires and everything wrapped in plastic. The console made revolution on the market. Then, in 99 there was a FS ONE. It was same console but rounded shape and bit more powerful components.


The year is 2000. On Flop 3 electronic showcase started. Flony came up with their new giant: FS2. It was ; once again, revolutionary console. It was a square shape. The controller was with wire again. The console cost 600 Flops. It's bestselling game was:

  1. Grand Flop Auto: San Flopdreas
  2. Gran Floppismo 3: A spec
  3. Gran Floppismo 4

However, time moves with technologic. Several years later, nefarious and infamous console was presented that was consuming discs.


The year is 2005. Again, on FLOP 3 was presented MINDBLOWING console. It had banana shaped controller first, but due to recalls it was changed to classic FlopShock. However, it was without wires (only charging USB). It was Bluetooth.

Floppar Flopington (FGN): Huhuhuh, it looks like a boomerang. Not thing to use. I want to consume it or even throw. Please change it's shape.

In year 2006: Was presented really revolutionary game: Flopcharted. The game had even 3 parts on this console.

The next generation (2013-present)[]

This the era when FlopStation made the flopstation 4 (2014) and flopstation 5 (2020)