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Floofism is cult who worships the god Floof. They think of Floof as their all powerful savior, and when the earth is torn apart by war and conflict Floof will descend from the sky and save them. Though these claims are n̶o̶t̶ likely to be true.


Floofism dates back to the 13th century where a group of cats saw a vision in which their god, Floof, descended from the sky and saved them from certain death. These cats were the first Floofists and created Floofism. The 14th century was the peak of Floofism, thousands of cats worldwide followed the teachings of Floof. Though soon Floofism became less and less common, now only about 100 Floofists exist worldwide.


The entity called Floof is believed to be a reality bending god that before the creation of Floofism was nothing but an idea, put into the minds of a few cats. However Floof was created and brought into reality from those who worshiped it, they willed Floof into existence out of sheer will power. As more and more people began to worships Floof it was almost able to rebuild itself in the real world, though this failed.

Currently Floof exists in the void, and will only come to the real world if enough people worship him.