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Floof - a God of Floofism, also known as "The Wanderer", or “Sinko Peso.”

The first chapter of "The Floofism Book"[]

At first "there was nothing. Floof felt satisfied with this "nothingness" and never felt the urge to make something. Everything was that way for millions of years. But after some time Floof had enough. He had to create something. At first he created a ball of Water and Rocks. He then created the same ball, but without all the water. They created a balance. The ball with water was called "Earth" and the ball with rocks was called "Moon". The planets grew larger and larger. Because of this growth Floof created Mt. Googas - the highest point on the earth where he could watch both of them at the same time. But something just wasn't enough. He created all those green plants, giant craters, long waterfalls, but everything just didn't satisfy his needs. This is why he made a decision. He would create creatures just like himself. Floof was content with his actions, he had created life, earth and everything, but he desired on thing more. He desired someone to watch over this land that he had created. With the power he had gained he created a group of 5 cats to watch over the world with him. They made there home on the peak of Mt. Googas, where they watch over the entire world.

The second chapter of "The Floofism Book"[]


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