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The Flomak Republic is an unitary parliamentary republic in the Falkans established in 1947. It borders the Republic Of Freece and Flugaria. It's official currency is the Phoenix since it's foundation. It's current Prime Minister is Mahid Passa Tahit Al Floppa since 2012. It was established after the end of Allied Occupation of Flugaria when a part of the Freek Occupation Zone in Flugaria was declared a ''Flomak National Linguistic Zone'', leading to the Freeks establishing the 2nd Flomak State, the Flomak Republic.



In 1843, an Uprising led by the Flomaks of the Area around the city of Tramas happended after the Floppotoman Empire's Governemnt officialy classified all Flomaks Within the Empire as Flopks, which succeded, leading to the creation of the Tramas Republic. The Tramas Republic lasted from 1843 until 1845 when it was invaded by the Floppotoman Empire. The so-called ''Tramas War'' lasted 8 months, resulting in the collapse of the Tramas Republic. Althought the 1843 Bill was undone, the Flomaks themselves had no self-representation and were under foreign rule. In 1853, in the 10th anniversary of the Tramas Republic, a secretive islamist fundemandalist pro-Flomak group was made, National Flomak Islamic Organization. In 1878, the Principality of Flugaria was established as a puppet of the Floppotoman Empire together with the autonomous Rumeflopia Region, which the Flomaks where part of.


In 1908, the Tsardom Of Flugaria was established, which during the Falkan Wars would take over all of the flomak populated areas from 1912 until 1913. In 1913, Southern Frace was taken by Freece while northen Frace remained Flugarian. While in southern Frace, the Flomaks were treated equally with the Freek population and had made large sucessful businesses, in the Flugarian part, anti-Flomak sentiment started to rise, blaiming the Flomaks for the loss of the 2nd Falkan War and the Great Floppa War. In 1941, Flugaria joined the Axis Powers of the Second World War and invaded Freece, resulting in all of Frace and most of Flapedonia being seized by Flugaria and the establishment of a Freek puppet state in the occupied lands. This led to many Flomaks being sent to camps and having their property seized, with a large part of the population escaping to the villages of the mountains. During that time, the EAM backed FRF which acted as the main Flomak Resistance group. After the end of the Second World War, the modern-day Flomak Republic was part of the Freek Occupation zone in Flugaria from 1945 until 1946-47 when the Republic was established. Today the Republic thrives with the economy based on the Phoenix, a powerful currency.