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Flinkna and the former prime minister after the election of 2024

Flinknar Gloopnygar, known by his friends and family simply as "Flinkna" is a Soggish politican, and the founder of his political party, Sogsoc (Sogtish Socialists). From 2024, the Prime Minister of Great Sogtain. He is a popular figure in Sogtish media.

Life and Politics[]

Flinkna was born into the higher class in Flopdon, where he attended a prestigious private school for most of his early life. There he was able to meet other smart people.

After graduating political science and reading George Flopwell's 1984 he was inspired to make his own political party Sogsoc. He used the corrupt leaders and his wealth to quickly get to the top of Soggish politics, and in 2024 he and his party were elected to the leaders of Great Sogtain. Some notable changes during his reign include:

  • Further decrease monarchy's power
  • Create new government branches such as The Ministry of Love, or the Ministry of Truth.
  • Decrease the freedom of speech
  • Create strong diplomatic bonds with Flopsha
  • Fund rebels in third world countries
  • Lower taxes for the poor
  • Lower the unemployment rate
  • Improve the standards of living
  • Make a higher minimum sallary

Despite the Censorment Act Of 2024 which very much decreased the freedom of speech, he remains a loved figure inside the UK. He is so rich in fact, that he survived 7 assasination attempts, by bribing the assasins. He is speculated to have 12% of Great Sogtain's entire money suply.


Flinknar still remains a very controversial figure. Elections weren't held for the last 11 years, In 2030, the term "literally 1984" was banned, which made a few redditors angry which were later executed and he's known to be a slave owner. These controversies caused large protests across Flopdon.

In 2032 he unregistered all opposition parties from elections (which was basically useless), because the conservatives called him gay.

One of the most popular opponents of Flinkna is Jay Flopman, who long already figured out that Great Sogtain in fact is a false democracy under a monarchy even before the 2024 election.


On June 1st, 2027, an assasin known as Andrew Floppy broke into Flinkna's house. Flinkna, knowing his intention tried to bribe him which worked with previous assasination attempts but instead was met with death. His assasination was met with panic all across Sogtain and eventually lead to the Sogtish Conflict after a week.