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Fleppa sitting in snow

The most well known Fleppas are Fleppa, Flinkna and Bobba.


Fleppa is DNA relative of floppas. Fleppas are a minority except for in their home countries, Sogada and New Flealand. Right now current debates are going on as should fleppas be able to immigrate into certain countries and ethical ways to treat new coming fleppas. Uncertainty is facing if Sogada and their fleppas are allies or enemies as during the great Scottcord and Bangtan wars. As Sogada was found giving valuable information to the enemies for military gain. Fleppas make about 3% of the cat population. Sogada is also the most eco friendly country due to the amount of people That live there. Sogada’s current prime minister is Justin Flepau, although the previous one was Fleppa Googlas IV. Fleppas also have a resistance to the cold making them great soldiers.

The Fleppas originally came from Flepland, they migrated to Sogada during the period of Sogtish colonial rule.

Many Fleppas have a strong dislike for Floppas, alot of it apparently stemming from the Flepland war. Where many Floppas were part of the Black and Tans, who committed atrocities against the Fleppas.

Demographical crisis[]

Fleppas are currently facing a crisis where birthrates are declining very fast. A statistic supports that 80 years ago Fleppas were seeing 4 births per 1 death, but with improving healthcare and decreasing child mortality, the need for more children gradually disappeared. The current birthrate is 1.2 births per death.