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Fanter is a popular "carbonated" drink, having a characteristic citrussy taste and orange color. It contains water, orange juice and is infused with floppium octasulfide1, FuS8, at a pressure of 9.5 psi.

Fanter is owned by the Corke Cola company, and was created by Sogga's great great Grandfather, Harding Glopnar.

Side effects[]

Commonly reported side effects are:

  • Shifting in and out of existence;
  • Instant vaporization;
  • Unexpected astral projection;
  • 9🜤1🜂2ç°§n🜙m🜟🜳A🜌k🜚v=£$""!
  • Dimension hopping;
  • Irreality
  • Noclipping;
  • Elongated Ears
  • Homosexual tendencies
  • Sexual tendencies2
  • Cannibalistic tendencies
  • Bougar worship
  • Fates worse than death
  • Seizures
  • Tummy aches
  • Becoming racist
  • Spontaneous shitting
  • Screaming "Fanter!"
  • A little trolling
  • Ass Enlargement3
  • Becoming an FCP
  • All of the above, all at once. (Except instant vaporization)
  • Spontaneous death


1Floppium Octasulfide, despite the name. shares no similarities to the chemical structure of Floppium.

2Just in general.

3Fun fact, Fanter is how Floppa's ass became so big!