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The Fall of Floppa Clan, or commonly referred to as Operation Biscayne was an operation started by a coalition of multiple countries and organizations joined by criminal organizations against Floppa Clan.


Operation Biscayne began with the Floppa Clan operation "Bros in the End" seeking to assimilate the Floppa Crips Gang, the Blood Floppas Gang, defecting elements of the Cogga Gang (mainly in Detroit) and many, many smaller gangs. This was a major victory for Floppa Clan, and lended them near total control of the criminal elements of the UFA, especially Detroit. However, many organizations and the UF feared that this would lead to something worse, and the UF launched operation "Bros fo now, Hoes in the end" to end Floppa Clans ambitions.

However, the war would truly start with the GFC operation "No Clan", which was a political campaign to terminate UN Order 4, which granted Floppa Clan legal immunity to all of its signatories.

Operation "Bros fo now, Hoes in the end" was primarily an effort to drain Floppa Clans resources by clamping shut their supply pipes, including shutting down their drug trades, seizing certain stashes of weapons and other materials, and eliminating independent gangs supportive of them. This was a major success and weakened floppa clan forces greatly.

However, this operation is also what arguably started the war. In a small outpost on the outskirts of Detroit, an unnamed UF Sergeant and his squad were trying to seize its arsenal, but the outposts Lieutenant did not let them in. After a while, the Lieutenant recieved direct orders from Floomp to "pop a cap in that Sergeants ass" (sic) which he complied with. This started a small skirmish which Floppa Clan won but ultimately started the war.


Battle of Miami[]

Coalition Fleet vs Floppa Clan Fleet[]

Tiffany Caracal surrenders and Fall of Flopida[]

The Long March to Detroit and Ooro is captured[]

Big Floppa's mansion is raided[]

Luck of the Devil and Floomps Surrender[]

Big Floppa II is Killed[]

Chegg takes Over[]

Last Stand of Floppa Clan[]