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Dream Floppa is a recurring dream that occurs in 65% of Floppas, 15% of binguses , 7% of Soggas, 3% of other species, and 1% of Popcats. The Dreams normally consist of a Floppa walking back and forth in on a road. Many have said that they were in Detroit, despite the lack of any defining landmarks or road sign. Dream Floppa has an uncanny resemblance to Big Floppa.

Big Floppa's death conspiracy[]

Because of this dream's heavy resemblance to the circumstances of Big Floppa's death, many have theorized that this was foreshadowing Big Floppas Death. Many scientists have backed up this theory, since this dream has existed before Big Floppa's death and before Big Floppa was born. The date of the first recorded Dream was on December 24th 1976.


Dream Floppa was first discovered in 1976, when a Floppslavian citizen dreamt of the cat. Over the following months over 38% of all Floppslavian citizens had this dream at one point after 1976. In 1982 10% of Soggislavia citizens where having the same dream. In 1993 all countries in the world had at least one case of this dream each year.

In 2019, after Big Floppas death, These dreams rapidly increased to 1 each day in every individual affected for 1 week. Conspiracy theorists believe Big Floppa's birth and death was planned by the government, but there is little evidence to back this up.

For some odd reason, some who have the dream report seeing a caracal resembling Chegg in their dreams, the reason for this is unknown, this happened before Chegg was born.

Event 24-12 Flop[]

On December 24, 2019 the night of Big Floppa's death, all individuals affected by the dream simultaneously woke up. All Floppa's affected began sleepwalking and repeating nonsensical gibberish before passing out and losing all memory of what happened.

Other Locations[]

In the newer dreams with him, he appears in Flop Vegas, Flopalinn, Sogris, Sogney and every other city.. This can be noticed by landmarks around.

Theories regarding the incidents. (As suggested by Doctor Flopson, revised by the Flobama institute.)

The ‘Domino effect’ theory.

Doctor Flopson suggested the earliest theory about the Dream Floppa, this was regarded as the most sensible and the most agreeable. Simply, when some Floppas started seeing the image, they think about it so much that they started to dream about it as well. However, this was countered by other scientists due to many people already starting to dream it before it was even widely known.

The ‘FCP’ theory.

Many people think that the anomaly was actually an FCP of unknown origin or location, this would explain it’s seemingly supernatural and anomalous features, it is believed that the FCP had a bond with Big Floppa, due to on his night of murder, the affected subjects began to sleepwalk.

“It is more then a coincidence!”

-Doctor Andrew Bingus, supporting this theory.

The ‘Floppism’ theory.

Many Floppas associate the dream Floppa as a religious occupancy. Some believe that is is a creation of Floppus, or even Floppus himself, taking on the form of a mortal. This theory has been disputed as some directs the dream Floppa doing unholy things to them, such as murdering, taunting, torturing, or even raping them.

The ‘Corruption’ theory.

Perhaps the most popular theory among conspirators, many people believes that the government is being corrupt and making them dream this for fun.

Actions of the Dream Floppa.

Officer Floppa Doppa:

He first appeared in my dream when i was coming back from a late night of duty. When i went to sleep, I almost began dreaming immediately. The Floppa was pacing up and down on my lawn. When he saw me, he seemed to be anxious of something. He came up to me and said a few words, I could not remember clearly what he said, but it went along the lines of:

”Go, before it is too late.”

”OMG just listen to me I am a fully qualified Prophet.”

”Seriously, dude, the scrubs are coming to graffiti on your house tomorrow! You wouldn’t want to live with that, do you?”

”Oh, wait, you are a police officer? You can just arrest them? Alright then, bye!”

Then, he got into a Ferrari and drove off at top speed. When i woke up, his prophecy came true, some scandals were painting on my house, i arrested them all.