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Detroit now


a human exiled to live in Detroit

Average street in Detroit (once you step out of cover you die)

Shittiest city of all time. The place where Big Floppa died (see Death of Big Floppa), and Barack Flobama's wife's death. This is also where Bingus Re-Education Camp is located, along with Johnny Flobama's house. Raymond Floppa also died here. Weird, why did everyone die in Detroit?

Detroit's shittiness is believed to have stemmed from the economic collapse and radiation exposure following the Accidental Atomic Bombing of Detroit.

Detroit is currently divided between the Cogga Gang and Floppa Crips Gang, the Floppa Clan has small holdings there too but their influence has been shrinking ever since the Death of Big Floppa. A small portion of Detroit is under control of Monkeni, currently, the UF military is fighting back for control.

There is a Heli squadron called "Detroit Patrols" which is tasked to patrol Detroit city perimeter and downtown to see what's going on.


In 2034 UF military launched a military operation to invade and fully regain control of Detroit. It took two years and 60k casualties for the UFA to won.

Places of Interest[]

  • 63rd Street, the deadliest street in the world. Around 2000 people died here everyday.
  • Shoobnar Tower
  • Floppa Clan Fortress
  • Floppa Crips Fortress
  • Floppa Clan Airbase
  • Floppa Clan Minefield
  • Detroit Park
  • Little Soggatown


UFAF Helicopters patrolling Detroit

"Criminologists think the reason for the high homicide rate in Detroit is that life, in the current year, is shit. And since you can't have shit in Detroit, you can't have life" - Detroit's mayor Natalie Shoobnar

63rd Street