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Mad Drip tickling sogga before stabbing him.

Sogga was brutally stabbed to death by Mad Drip Floppa on the 29th of March 2021, his apparent reason for it was that he thought Sogga had betrayed the Floppa Clan and wanted him dead before he could reveal any confidental information. HE used a 50mm knife.He stabbed him around 595 times, while, his body is all in blood, he put it into his Flop-Royce trunk in a plastic bag, drove to unknown facility and gave his body to unknown floppas in white uniforms. He was covered with a level of transparent wax to his body save, and put it into a capsule, and then, into a fridge capsule.

A few days before March 29th Sogga dug up an old document from Big Floppa which detailed a planned attack against the Cogga Gang, and a day after that Sogga got into a dispute with Mad Drip Floppa and kept the documents for himself. Mad Drip feared that Sogga was gonna show it to the Cogga Gang and so had him assassinated. The document can be seen here. All confidental info was censored.

Sogga would not find peace in death either, for his soul was dragged down towards the hell scape of the Flop where he would serve twisted abominations for eternity and beyond.


  • Mad Drip tickled Sogga to distract him from his impending doom.